Still in two minds whether to find out what your bundle’s sex is? Here are good reasons to say no.



Bubba’s ultrasound scans will always hold a special place in your heart. After all, it is the only way for you to steal glances at your bundle as they grow and develop throughout your pregnancy.

Most parents-to-be can’t wait for the ultrasound scan at 18 to 20 weeks to finally learn what their kewpie’s gender is.

While it might seem insignificant at first, this scan’s result can influence a lot of things — this includes the shade your nursery décor should be to choosing the right name for your little one.

And for some couples, it’s also when they’ll learn if their baby-to-be is the gender they are yearning for. Because of all these concerns, couples end up putting unnecessary pressure on themselves.

So, before you tell your ob-gyn whether you want to know your baby’s gender, we’ve rounded up a few reasons for you to say no:

1. You’re no longer limited to shades of blue or pink You have so many colours to choose from when you plan your nursery and your munchkin’s clothes. However once you know your kewpie’s gender, you’ll likely gravitate towards blue or pink because these are gender appropriate.

Get your friends and family to place their bets on whether you’re going to get a boy or a girl.

2. Ultrasounds can be wrong, too These scans are not 100 per cent accurate all the time. Factors such as your baby’s position in the uterus can affect the accuracy of the scan. Genetic anomalies can also give rise to inaccurate readings where your baby is concerned. For instance, your baby may be born with the reproductive organs that do not fit into the typical definition of male or fem

3. You can have a little fun testing out old wives’ tales “Legend” has it that if you’re carrying a boy, your bump will be lower and pointier. Your bump should appear high, wide and round if you’re carrying a girl. Since you don’t know your baby’s sex, you can see if there’s any truth to the beliefs.

4. It’s a neat trick to get people to bet their money Just because you aren’t throwing an elaborate gender reveal party doesn’t mean you won’t have any fun. Get your friends and family to place their bets on whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

5. Since the baby stuff you buy is in a neutral colour, you can reuse it for your next pregnancy So, what if your second baby is a boy or a girl, with onesies in gender neutral shaddes of yellow, green or purple, you’ll be saving a bundle as you won’t need to buy more clothes. Ditto the nursery essentials — when everything is neutral and can be used by either sex, you won’t have to buy anything else.

6. It’ll motivate you to keep pushing during labour Since childbirth is exhausting, not knowing your sweetie’s sex may just give you added reason and energy to keep pushing harder.

7. You’ll accept what you get By the time your bundle is safely delivered into this world, all you can do is to love and care for them unconditionally. Not knowing bubba’s gender earlier lets you love them wholeheartedly, free from any preconceived expectations.

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