Staying fit eases your pregnancy journey and labour. We suggest fitness classes specially tailored for mums-to-be!

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When you’re pregnantstaying fit will boost your energy levels. Join a lively prenatal fitness class and you can look forward to culling those calories in a fun group activity with other expectant mums!


You’ll make friends with other mums-to-be and who knows, their little ones may be your kiddo’s playmate in time to come!


It’s also common knowledge that your body releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins when you work out. This reduces your perception of pain and triggers positive feelings in the body, which improves your mood, while reducing stress and anxiety.


More importantly, exercising during your pregnancy not only helps you prepare for the physical rigours of labour, it will benefit you even after you’ve given birth, since it’s been known to reduce constipation, improve sleep and speed up post-delivery recovery!


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#1 Donna O’Shea Fitness

Where: At Orchard, Newton, Novena, Holland Village and River Valley, Click here for more details.

Duration: Varies, between 7am and 4pm on weekdays.

Rate: Individual sessions are $120/hour; Group sessions: $140/hour for two to four people.

O’ Shea is a personal trainer who will craft a routine for you based on your personal goals, especially if you don’t know where to start now that you’re pregnant. It is also convenient, as Donna will conduct these personalised sessions at your home or gym. You can also try out her group classes if you prefer working out with your pals! (Photos: iStock)

#2 Breathe Pilates

Where: Multiple locations, including Novena Medical Centre and 6 Raffles Quay, 6850 5082. Click here for more details. 

Duration: 1 hour

Rate: Group classes start at $55/hour per person. Individual private sessions cost $130 to $150/hour, 10 private sessions cost $1,200 to $1,300. Click here for more details.

Sign up for the Prenatal Pilates class from as early as your first trimester if you are familiar with Pilates! However, newbies should only start during their second trimester. The classes help to strengthen your pelvic-floor and back muscles, to ease your pregnancy and labour issues.

Furthermore, the benefits extend beyond pregnancy as the increased arm and overall upper body strength will help you better handle and hold your little one! You can opt for have one-on-one sessions instead of group exercise. (Photo: iStock)

#3 Pilates Fitness

Where: 434 Telok Blangah Road and 85A, Serangoon Garden Way, 9184 7622

Duration: 55 minutes

Rate: $45 for the mum-to-be, $70 for the parents-to-be.

You can do this on your own but it’s perfect, too, if you and your husband love working out together! The couple class (the only one in Singapore offering couple’s prenatal Pilates) is for the mum-to-be who is in her second or third trimester. The routine aims to strengthen your abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles, which helps with balance and posture, while reducing those pregnancy aches. (Photo: iStock)

#4 Swing Pregnancy

Where: Inspire Mum & Baby, 188-2 Tanjong Katong Road, 9234 1866

Duration: 1 hour

Rate: Land and aqua courses: 10 sessions ― $35/session; 20 sessions ― $30/session; 40 sessions ― $27/session. Click here for more rates.

Swing Pregnancy will help you tone your thigh, arms and abs, as well as ease pregnancy back ache. Hop on the swings to learn how to perform different stretching exercises and poses. Lessening back pain aside, the class also helps you sleep better as well as improve your breathing, posture and flexibility. If you do not want to attend a group session, you can choose private classes as well. (Photo: Facebook/Inspire Mum & Baby Fitness & Swim School)

#5 Aqua Pregnancy

Where: Inspire Mum & Baby, 188-2 Tanjong Katong Road, 9234 1866

Duration: 45 minutes

Rate: Regular rates (land and aqua courses): 10 sessions ― $35/session, 20 sessions ― $30/session, 40 sessions ― $27/session. Click here for more info.

Exercise weightlessly in water, no matter how far along you’re in your pregnancy! Since you’ll be floating, you’ll feel much less restricted, which relaxes you, while letting you bond with your little one. Chilling out aside, these sessions will strengthen your back, open your hips, as well as tone your leg muscles and pelvic ligaments. Private sessions are also available. (Photos: Facebook/Inspire Mum & Baby Fitness & Swim School)

#6 Aqua Spin

Where: Multiple locations ― Swissotel Merchant Court, Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, Polo Club and Oakwood Premier Oue Singapore. Click here for more details.

Duration: 45 minutes

Rate: $25 for trial, $40 to $45 subsequently (depending on the package)

This is a regular spin class, except that you do it in water! You’ll get a full-body workout, just without the muscle aches, a plus point when you’re pregnant. Benefits of aqua spin range from improving blood circulation, to ridding your cellulite. You’ll be burning an average of 800 calories at every session! (Photos: Instagram/Aquaspin)

#7 Happy Fish Swim School Pre-natal Swimming Class

Where: Multiple locations – Jurong East, Bukit Timah, Bedok, Horsecity, 6589 8650. Click here for more details.

Duration: 45 minutes 

Rate: $342.40/term (12 lessons; maximum group size is six)

In your second trimester, you might consider taking up swimming. Class sizes at Happy Fish Swim School are kept small, so you’ll receive more attention. These classes not only help you unwind, they will also improve your circulation, diminish pregnancy aches and swelling, and also reduce water retention. Hopping into a cold pool during pregnancy may not your idea of fun, but no worries, instructors conduct swimming lessons in a heated pool, so you’ll be comfortable regardless of the weather conditions! (Photo: Happy Fish Swim School)

#8 Yoga Inc Prenatal Yoga

Where: Multiple locations ― Tampines, 9360 9860, Punggol, 9799 0818, Guillemard, 9326 1789. Click here for more details.

Duration: Click here for available times.

Rate: Single class: $40; Eight classes: $280

Yoga Inc’s prenatal yoga class will teach you breathing exercises, how to stretch, as well as other postures aimed at helping help you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Each class is a standalone lesson, so you can take part whenever you want to! Not only will you bond with your little one, you’ll sleep better, ease those pregnancy pains, while improving your mental well-being because the routines aim to ease stress. (Photo: iStock)