Help bubba ditch diapers in comfort and safety with these potties and/or potty seats.


Now that bubba is ready to be potty trained, you will need to get the proper items to make the change a bit easier, safe and comfortable for him!

With all the different potties out there, it’s hard to choose the one that is right for bubba. We’ve gathered some potties and potty seats that are fuss-free, comfortable and safe for bubba!

When choosing the best one for bubba, look out for these traits:

  • Comfortable — it should not cause your tot any sort of pain.
  • Right size — the hole is not too big or too small.
  • Stable — it must not fall over easily.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a splash guard (important for boys).


1) BabyBjorn Potty Chair (Green)

WHAT Made from smooth materials with rounded edges and a high backrest, this potty chair will keep bubba comfortable while he tries to do his business. Together with the splash guard and rubber edging along the bottom of the chair (to make sure it doesn’t tip over easily), bubba will be kept clean and safe. The white seat is also removable making it easy and convenient to clean!

PRICE $24.85

FROM Amazon

PARENTS SAY Both simple and sanitary with no places for bacteria to “hide”, it’s a little higher-priced, but worth it.

*This item is available in different colours, at varying prices.


2) Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty — Green

WHAT It will seem just like your little one’s very own, personal lounge chair — complete with arm rests and a high backrest. This chair also has two adjustable heights to accommodate bubba’s growth so they can sit comfortably with their feet touching the ground so they feel secure. Complete with a splashguard, bubba will be kept clean and so will you — it has a removable bucket, making it easy to clean.

PRICE $17.89

FROM Amazon

PARENTS SAY The bucket was a total plus point with our tester, and kids can even learn to empty the contents. The height adjustment is a plus.


3) Ikea Lockig

WHAT This simple and effective potty will fit anywhere in your house with its neutral colours. Together with a backrest and anti-slip material, your little one* will be kept safe and comfortable while doing her business. It is also easy and simple to clean!

PRICE $11.90


PARENTS SAY Our tester said their daughter had no problem learning to use it.
*From 12 months

Four more potties/toilet-training seats to come…


4) Primo 4-In-1 Soft Seat Toilet Trainer And Step Stool White With Pastel Blue Seat

WHAT One product, four uses. Bubba can keep using this product as they grows from being potty trained to using the “big boy toilet”, as a stepping stool and can also be brought along on travels once junior is old enough. Together with a cushioned seat, handles and an extra-wide base, your tot will feel safe and secure. The cushioned seat is removable and can also be used as a toilet seat (on top of the actual seat) once bubba is ready for that step.

PRICE $24.64

FROM Amazon

PARENTS SAY The long front-splash guard and the potty’s size are both plus points! It was useful, they found, to have something that can transition from the little potty to the big one.


5) Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step up Padded Potty Seat with Step Stool

WHAT Now bubba can go potty in ease and comfort by himself with the help of the cushie seat and step “ladder”. It also comes with handles which your tot can hold on to while resting his feet on the steps, which will make him feel safe overall. This easy-to-assemble set can also be folded and stored when not in use. It fits standard and most elongated toilet seats.

PRICE $22.87

FROM Amazon

PARENTS SAY Your child could find it very amusing to climb onto and off the potty. Repeatedly.


6) First Years — Soft Grip Trainer Seat

WHAT Suitable for most standard and oblong-shaped toilets, this seat will keep bubba feeling safe and comfortable with its soft grip handles and rubbery base that keeps it secured on the bowl. The splashguard prevents the occurrence of a mess and as it doesn’t require any assembly, it is easy to clean. It also comes with a hook that comes in handy when you want to store it.

PRICE $32.99

FROM Toys’R’Us

PARENTS SAY This one is less likely to trap and pinch your kid’s hands — definite plus.


7) IKEA Tossig

WHAT Simple and easy to use, this child seat will fit easily over your toilet seat. It also comes with an anti-slip material on the underside which will keep it from slipping and dumping bubba off (or in) the loo! It is also easy to clean and can be easily stored when not in use.

PRICE $4.90


PARENTS SAY It doesn’t slip and it’s easy to clean, said our tester, and the anti-slip meant that their tot was quite fearless when using it.

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