4 critical areas of baby’s growth

4 critical areas of baby’s growth

1. Strength

As well as being strong on the outside, she’ll be growing in inner strength and confidence. Your love and care will help develop this emotional security, while encouraging her to make her own decisions will boost her confidence.
Try… showing your baby her reflection in the mirror. It will help her get to know herself and become self-assured.

2. Communication

Your little one can’t wait to make her views heard - she’ll use gestures and body language long before she has words. But communication is also about understanding others. By setting boundaries and engaging in conversation with her, you’ll teach her about give-and-take, friendship and sharing emotions.
Try… poking your tongue out at her, clapping hands or making a noise and waiting for her to copy you, before taking your turn to copy what she does. It may just be a game, but she’s already learning how to have a conversation!

3. Competence

Your baby’s programmed to learn from birth. Your tot will use all five senses and will study you, her first teacher, to make sense of the world around her.
Try… creating a kitchen orchestra out of pans, sieves, baking trays, wooden spoons and a jar full of beans or rice. It’ll boost your little one’s co-ordination and help her explore textures and rhythms.

4. Health

By feeding and looking after your child well, you’ll help her grow physically, but by caring for and loving her, you’ll also help her to grow emotionally.
Try… making a healthy picnic together and sharing it in your favourite park, so she learns to associate healthy food with pleasure.