Your tot is developing by leaps and bounds ― keep tabs on your little one’s milestones with this useful guide.

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Just when you thought you could take a little breather now that baby’s first year is finally over, you realise that you’ll have to deal with toddlerhood.

The next two to three years will be an amazing time in your parenting journey, especially since it’ll be an incredible time of growth and development for your kewpie. You’ll witness remarkable changes in your tot’s personality, his speech and feeding skills, as well as his ability to move.

As you monitor his progress, do keep in mind that all kids develop at different rates. Milestones are just a guideline to ensure your munchkin is progressing at a satisfactory level. Some hit milestones earlier, others fall behind by a few months, so don’t worry too much.

Here’s what to keep your eyes peeled out for in your peewee’s progress.

Infographic: Paulyn Ng

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Main photo: iStock

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