Staying dry inside your bra means feeling comfortable when you’re nursing. So, get the right breast pad to prevent leaks!

Most nursing mums know that the slightest thing can trigger your let-down reflex ― when oxytocin causes the breast to release, or “let down” your milk.

It could happen anywhere ― you may be attending a meeting in the boardroom, a party or even shopping in a mall when you suddenly feel a gush of milk.

Tucking an absorbent breast pad into your bra helps you avoid any embarrassing stains, and also prevents the dampness that can lead to thrush or other infections.

Consider several factors before you decide which breast pad suits you best. First, decide whether you want to use disposable pads or reusable ones.

Disposable pads are convenient, but they can be expensive if you need to use them over an extended period, and they hurt the environment.

Reusable ones save the environment and your pockets, but there’s the inconvenience of having to wash and dry them.

You’ll also want to take note of the price, comfort level, absorbency and how discreet they are.

Check out SmartParent’s list of best breast pads for nursing mothers!

Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads, 60pcs
PRICE $10.90/60 pieces
FROM Pupsik
WHAT You’ll stay dry with these individually wrapped breast pads, thanks to a special absorbent polymer and stay-dry honeycomb lining. Two adhesive strips keep the pad firmly in place, which will maintain their form and smooth shape, so that they remain discreet under your clothes.
PARENTS SAY These thin and super comfy pads can hold large amounts of leakage. Says Sophie Wee, mum to Tristan, 6 months, “These value-for-money pads do the job well! I’ve never had any problems and they’re so comfortable, I barely notice they are there.”

Mother-K Premium Bamboo Breast Pads
PRICE $22.90/108 pieces
FROM Lazada
WHAT Made in Korea, these disposable bamboo breast pads are superior to cotton because of their good absorption and breathable qualities. The very soft pads feel light, even when soaked. Odour- and germ-free, these have also undergone toxicity tests in Germany.
PARENTS SAY These pads aren’t easily available, but they’re worth trying, especially if you have sensitive skin. Super soft and smooth, these will keep you cool, even in hot weather. Change every five to six hours for best results.

Pigeon Honeycomb Breast Pads
PRICE $18/84 pieces
FROM Lazada
WHAT These disposable nursing pads have a special absorbent polymer and a honeycomb pattern lining to draw excess milk away from the surface, and spread evenly in the core. Individually wrapped for your convenience, they have a smooth shape.
PARENTS SAY This reliable baby brand’s product doesn’t disappoint. The pads cup the breast comfortably, while the honeycomb lining is luxuriously soft and perfect for sensitive skin. It absorbs milk well, says mum of two Karen Neo. “I don’t have to stress about leaks, especially when I’m at work.”

Medela Disposable Nursing Bra Pads
PRICE $19/60 pieces
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT You’ll get 60 individually wrapped nursing pads that help you stay dry and comfortable, thanks to super-absorbent materials (cotton, nylon and an absorbent polymer). The smooth pads conform well to your breasts’ shape and are unobtrusive under your clothing. A leak-resistant pocket and extra lining offers better protection, while adhesive tape keeps the pad in place.
PARENTS SAY “These nursing pads are slightly pricey, but they stay in place well. thanks to two adhesive tapes on each pad,” says Fadhilla Azman, mum to Siti, 3 months. “They are a bit thicker than other brands, but that’s a good thing for mums who tend to leak a lot,” she adds.

Dr Brown’s Oval Disposable Breast Pads

PRICE $23.90/ 60 pieces
FROM Redmart
WHAT For soft, reliable and discreet protection, turn to Dr Brown’s oval breast pads. They are gentle on your skin, and come wrapped in packs of two for hygiene and convenience reasons.
PARENTS SAY The unique oval shape is designed to fit mums of all sizes. Mothers who tried this generally offered good reviews, but several said that they started leaking before very long. Also, the pads come in packs of two. One mum griped, “I wish they were individually wrapped, since my boobs leak at different rates ― I would like to change one without having to change the other at the same time.”

Tiny Touch Disposable Breast Pads
PRICE $11.90/60 pieces
FROM Lazada
WHAT An ultra-absorbent breast pad that’s soft and extremely comfortable. Breathable while staying securely inside your bra cup, lock guards prevent milk leakage.
PARENTS SAY These value-for-money breast follow the curve of your breast pads, are light and thin, fit mums of all sizes and will be perfect for mums who don’t leak very much. However, one mum noted that she leaked when she wore it for the entire day at work.

Tommee Tippee Disposable Breast Pads
PRICE $12.90/36 pieces
FROM Mothercare
WHAT The breathable and discreet non-slip design of these breast pads, which come in pairs, makes them really easy and convenient to use. The silky soft lining of the pad wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool.
PARENTS SAY This breast pad absorbs well, but several mums noted that the pads were flat, so they tended to bunch up when worn. They also wished that they were packed individually, instead of in pairs.

Pupsik Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads
PRICE $25.90/4 pairs
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Try these washable breast pads if you want to save money and the environment. Made of anti-bacterial bamboo fabric, the pads are waterproof on one side to prevent leakage. The 4 pair-set comes in a pretty fabric pouch.
PARENTS SAY If you find yourself going through breast pads faster than your baby goes through his diapers, you might want to get reusable ones. These trusty pads can be worn again and again, nor do you have to worry that these will lose their absorbency as they actually get more absorbent with every wash! They are so soft, they won’t even irritate chaffed and sensitive nipples.

Philips Avent Washable Breast Pads
PRICE $20/6 pads
FROM Lazada
WHAT Here’s another option if you prefer investing in reusable pads. These absorbent pads draw moisture away from the skin, trapping it behind a leak-proof liner. Machine washable and dryable, its brushed cotton lining is soft and gentle on skin.
PARENTS SAY Chelsea Lim, mum to Don, 1, has been using these pads the past year. “It’s very easy to wash and dry and it hasn’t lost its quality. I’ve saved so much using them.” These come in a handy little laundry bag, so that the pads won’t go astray in the wash.

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