Green, brown, black… The colour and texture of your kewpie’s stools tells you a lot about her health!


From the get-go, you should make it a point to check the contents of your kewpie’s soiled diapers. The colour, texture and consistency of your baby’s bowel movements will give you a clue as to whether there’s something amiss.

For example, if her poo is looser and more watery than usual, and if she seems to be passing more stools than usual, you might figure out that bubba is having a bout of diarrhoea. Though most cases of diarrhoea are easily resolved, make sure that that you offer baby adequate fluids — breastmilk — so that she stays hydrated.

In addition, how often you change her diapers will clue you in as to the fluid levels in her body. If you haven’t changed your munchkin’s diapers in six hours, it’s a sign of dehydration. Seek medical help at once.


Infographic by Lim Jae-Lynn

Main photo: iStock

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