Use our handy guide to avoid serving food that’s stale or is on its way to going bad.


Don’t you hate buying fresh produce, only to find the next day that it was not as fresh as you’d thought? Or perhaps you’ve bought some fruit that were so unripe, you can only consume them after leaving them on the counter for weeks.

What about those occasions where you steamed fish for your peewee, only to discover that it smells “fishy” after cooking it. Even worse, your picky eater completely rejects it, so you’re struggling to finish it yourself or toss it.

As your family deserves only the best, get smart on how to pick only the freshest foods at the market, as well as learn ways to store them to optimise the taste.

So, wise up to how to enjoy the tastiest ― and safest ― fresh produce experience, by referring to our illustration below.

Infographic: Rachel Lim


Photo and illustrations: iStock

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