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Eco-friendly cleaning products aren’t just good for the environment; they are good for bubba’s health too. Chances are these cleaning products are free from — or contain fewer — harsh chemicals that can be damaging to baby’s skin.

The hypoallergenic and fragrance-free nature of some of these cleaners could also translate into fewer allergic reactions, should you choose to make the switch. Keep your eyes peeled for labels from welfare organisations that certify the product as “eco-friendly”, such as Green Label Singapore, SIRIM from Malaysia and USDA Biobased from the US. These labels are only awarded when the product complies with stringent testing done by independent labs.

Here is a selection of greenest cleaners you should grab — stat!


1) Babyganics Multi-surface Cleaner – Fragrance-free

PRICE $16.20 for 946ml

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT A versatile cleaning spray that is good for use on a wide array of surfaces ― from glass to granite, laminate to stainless steel, and even hard-wood surfaces! It is also a non-toxic cleaning solution labelled as ammonia-, bleach-, phosphate-, phthalate- and sulphate-free. The plant-based cleaner claims to have been tested by paediatricians and dermatologists and is hypoallergenic, making for an easy (and painless) switch from your current wash liquids.

PARENTS SAY The spray makes it easy to use especially for stubborn stains at hard-to-reach areas. Plus, several mentioned that it is compatible with a wide variety of surfaces.


2) Ecover Ecological Floor Soap – Unscented

PRICE $8.90 for 1l

FROM Ecover

WHAT Linseed oil — also known as flaxseed oil — is used as a waterproofing agent in paint production. It is also a main ingredient in this plant- and mineral-based washing liquid so it provides lasting protection from stains. However, it is not suitable for hardwood or laminate floors.

PARENTS SAY Our tester is just a little wary about the claim that it provides lasting “protection against staining”, as it implies it has to be rather strong to protect against repeated stains.


3) TLC Green Floor Cleaner – Unscented

PRICE $10.50 for 2l

FROM Lazada

WHAT A biodegradable cleaning liquid made with plant-based ingredients. It is formulated with a degreaser that promises to lift away dirt effectively and an anti-dust agent; this washing liquid claims to keep your floors clean for longer periods of time. It is also SIRIM certified — an independent Malaysian Eco-labelling scheme.

PARENTS SAY The price point makes this a very affordable option. It is also a fuss-free cleaning option as it includes a fast-drying agent.

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4) Attitude All-purpose Cleaners – Citrus Zest

PRICE $11.90 for 800ml

FROM Lazada

WHAT If you have furkids at home, you’ll be happy to learn that Attitude’s all-purpose cleaner is recognised by the Beauty Without Bunnies initiative of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta). The cleaning liquid is certified free from animal testing, and also free from cancer-causing carcinogens (yikes) like 1, 4-Dioxane and ethylene oxide. This spray is also ECOLogo certified.

PARENTS SAY Most parents didn’t know that carcinogenic materials lurk in some types of cleaning solution. One tester felt the spray function may make it a less economical choice especially when cleaning a large area.


5) Seventh Generation Free & Clear All-purpose Cleaner

PRICE $49.90 (8 x 650ml)

FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT A heavy-duty cleaning spray that is non-toxic and does not release harsh fumes (bad for the environment and baby’s developing lungs!). It is certified by the USDA — United States Department of Agriculture — Biobased label, verified by independent laboratories. The label assures you that the product contains a certain amount of biological ingredients, which are biodegradable (this product claims a 91 per cent biological rating).

PARENTS SAY It a convenient alternative plus it is tailored to be suitable for sensitive skin, which should be gentler on baby’s soft skin.


6) Bio-Home Floor cleaner – Lemon Grass and Green Tea

PRICE $7.95 for 1.5l


WHAT If you are looking for a scented eco-friendly alternative, this cleaning liquid has hints of lemongrass and green tea. Lemongrass scents are commonly used in aromatherapy to treat insomnia and provide stress relief. It is also certified by the Green Label Singapore, the local scheme to endorse products that cause fewer undesirable effects on the environment.

PARENTS SAY Quick drying, its rinse-free direct application on tough stains make for an easy clean. Also, it’s sold as a concentrated solution making it a more economical option — a little bit of can go a long way.

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