Guess what? You might actually possess nursing-friendly outfits. Here are ways to get more mileage out of your wardrobe favourites!


Nursing tops and dresses are a great help ― and look pretty to boot ― when you’re breastfeeding. With convenient openings, such clothes offer baby quick and easy access when he needs to feed, especially when you’re out and about.
But not everyone is keen to splash out on a new wardrobe just for those months you plan to nurse bubba. In fact, take a good look at your current stash of clothing and chances are, you’ll be surprised to discover nursing-friendly pieces among these pieces. Even if you’re looking forward to springing for new togs, it makes economic sense to invest in garb you’ll be glad to wear even after you stop breastfeeding.
Here are versatile styles to look out for.

Loose or off-shoulder tops (with stretchy necklines)
Off-shoulder top, $28.74, by New Look from Asos

Chances are, you already own several slouchy or loose tees and off-shoulder tops. Or get one from Asos, such as this stretchy-necklined blouse. When it’s feeding time, just pull it down and your bub will thank you. Pair with your favourite comfy jeans or berms and you’re good to go.

Knot fronts and deep-Vs

Blouse and camisole set, $43, by Saturday Club

Structured tops look polished but don’t quite lend themselves to nursing baby. This navy number by Saturday Club comes with a separate camisole to protect your modesty.

Tubes and bandeaus

Bandeau maxi dress, $33.81, by Asos & Bustier top, $84.06, by Raga Sweet Sugar from Asos

A mummy-friend of mine swears by tube tops and dresses with elasticised bodices. Pull down one side and feed. Enough said.


Shirt dress, $47.92, by Yacht 21, Cotton shirt, $29.95, by Cotton On & Button-down top, $45, by Saturday Club

Love the preppy-chic look of shirt dresses? Good for you, they’re perfect for nursing ― simply undo the buttons to offer your baby access. It’s also time to bring you’re your casual cotton and smart Oxford shirts, which look great with jeans.

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Wrap dresses
Wrap dress, $53, by Saturday Club & Wrap dress, $58, by Alyssandra

This wonderfully flattering cut is great for more formal events or the workplace. A wrap dress in stretchy fabric works best as you can pull the neckline to one side. And pick bolder colours, so that you can hide any milk stains!

Cowl necks

Cowl-neck dress, $39.82, by Vesper from Asos

Cowl- or drape-neck tops and dresses usually have soft, stretchy necklines you can pull down for breastfeeding access. They also add some interest to your neckline, while drawing attention away from any post-pregnancy pooch.


Zip-up sun dress, $39.80, by Asos , Blouse, $42, by Warehouse from Asos & Long-sleeved dress, $63, by Asos

From floral frocks to work-appropriate attire, you’ll be surprised at the many zip-up options available. Pick those with a smooth zip line ― you don’t want bubba’s delicate skin to be scratched while he lies on your chest.

Playsuits or rompers

Wrap playsuit, $27.65, by Asos & Bellfield denim playsuit, $39.45, from Zalora

Many playsuits and rompers feature front zips, as well as button-down and crossover necklines. Plus, this all-in-one outfit lets you bend down and crawl around after bubba without it riding up ― sparing your blushes!

Read on for more nifty nursing-wear tips!

A tank top under a loose top


Tunic top, $49.90, and camisole, $7.90, both by Uniqlo

A stretchy camisole or tank under a loose top is a superb way for you to breastfeed discreetly. When baby is hungry, pull the top up and the camisole down, so your baby can access your breast while you maintain your modesty. Uniqlo has a variety of loose tunic tops in different prints, as well as its lightweight and stretchy “Airism” camisole.

Scarves and shawls


Print scarf, $14.95, by Cotton On & Paisley print kimono, $33.18, by JDY Border from Asos

A nursing shawl like this one lets you breastfeed discreetly in public. But some mums also find that regular scarves, shawls and cute cover-ups will do the job equally well. Pick one with a pretty print to add pizzazz to your outfit.

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