Sharpen your better-parenting skills by making small changes rather than major shifts. We have prime pointers…


Parenting is a journey filled with heaps of ups and downs. And no matter how old your child is, you’ll never stop worrying if you’ve done the right thing.

The good news is it’s the smaller things you do that matter most to your kids. Simple gestures — like giving them a hug every night before bed or prepping their lunch box will let junior know that you love and value them.

These are tweaks you can easily include in your daily routine, so why not act on these suggestions ― small changes can make a big difference!

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1. Play with your child Set aside time daily to play with your kids. Playing helps parents and kids bond, and junior feels special that he gets to enjoy one-on-one time with you.

2. Get active as a family Besides showing your kiddo that getting fit is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, working out with him helps him appreciate the importance of making an effort to achieve his goals.

3. Teach independence Being able to accomplish tasks on their own builds confidence and esteem. So, get your children to clear the table after a meal or show them how to dress themselves!

4. Be silly Make a funny face, crack a silly joke or take zany snaps... Because it takes confidence to have a good laugh at yourself.

5. Eat at least one meal together Sitting down to a daily meal as a family is a relaxing way for everyone to bond. Besides, good company makes good food taste great!

6. Read a book before bed Besides strengthening the parent-child bond, this wind-down routine will boost your child’s imagination and vocabulary, too!

7. … Then talk about the characters Ask them what makes a character good and the other bad, so he’ll learn the difference between good and bad.

8. Show gratitude every night Go around the dinner table and take turns to share something that happened in the day that makes you feel thankful.

9. Fess up when you mess up It is human to make mistakes, so lead by example and apologise to people who have been affected to show your kiddo how and when to say sorry.

10. Be specific when offering praise Instead of dishing out generic compliments like “You’re great”, give details of exactly what pleased you. They’ll know you notice their efforts and also helps them identify what good behaviour is.

11. Show affection in front of the kids Yours is the only example he has of what a loving relationship — or marriage — should look like. So, give your spouse kisses and hugs.

12. Don’t try to fix everything for junior Engage your kid in brainstorming for ideas to solve any problem, don’t work it out for them.

13. Live in the moment Don’t miss out on creating precious memories together, simply because you’re too caught up in doing the laundry and sorting the mail.

14. Give your kids a hug We thrive in environments where we feel loved. Hugging not only makes your mini-me feel safe, it reduces stress and boosts their self-esteem.

15. Always say “I love you.” Your children need to know that you love and accept them unconditionally.

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