Anytime’s great for a dip ― let your toddler stay safe while having fun with these nifty swim buys.

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Ah, bliss…taking a dip in a pool or the sea offers everyone much needed relief from our hot and humid weather. Yet, water can pose serious dangers to your little one.


Children under age 6 are at most risk of drowning accidents, according to a KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital study. Even if your kiddo can swim, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t drown. Learning to swim is a useful life skill to impart to your child that will give him water confidence.


Bath times are a good time to remind your child to be water safe — tell him he should only get into the bathtub in your presence. Teach him that the same rule applies when he cannot enter a pool or go into the sea unless he is supervised by an adult.


The Ministry of Health recommends these preventive measures:

* Caregivers to be within arm’s length in case of any emergency,

* Take extra vigilance during pool parties,

* Best to enter waters in the presence of lifeguards,

* Carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation in times of emergency,

* Restrict access to unsupervised bodies of water — especially those cordoned off by fence or gates on all sides.

* Remember that air-filled or foam toys are NOT safety devices.


While you should never take your eye off your mini-explorer when he’s in the water, we recommend handy swim basics that’ll keep your sweetie safe! Scroll through our photo gallery to take a look at everything from swim diapers to floats…


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Charlie Banana Swim Diaper

PRICE $13.93
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT A swim diaper is a must when your little water baby isn’t potty-trained yet. This range has a soft organic cotton interior that is absorbent yet breathable — good for baby’s delicate skin. Requires simple garment care — simply rinse with water and hang to dry after use.
PARENTS SAY Christine Xu, 32, shares that unlike other free-sized swim diapers, these fit her tot just right without excess fabric. 

Shorty Suit

PRICE $28.90
FROM Decathlon
WHAT Donning a wet suit means your tyke will avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. The thermal insulation material in this outfit minimises drag as your child glides through the waters and prevents any drastic changes in his body temperature. Sizes range from 2 to 6 years.
PARENTS SAY David Chng, 34, notes the affordably-priced suit is easy to put on and remove. The suit not only fit well, it did a good job in helping his 2-year-old retain his body temperature.

My Swim Baby UV Shirt

PRICE $22.90
FROM Pupsik
WHAT Made of breathable fabric that dry easily, these lightweight tops come in pastel shades of pink and green, besides white. Sizes offered range from medium (12 to 18 months), large for (18 months to 2 years) and XL (2 years and above), to 3T (3 years and above).
PARENTS SAY Cecilia Tang, 37, says the material is soft and is cool, which is a great choice in the hot weather. She adds that breathable fabric, which is thicker than other tops, also helps to provide a buffer from strong winds. 

iPlay Swim Nappy Trunk

PRICE $39.90
FROM BabyOnline
WHAT Featuring adorable cartoon characters and motifs outside, the inside of this pair of trunks boasts a lightweight and reusable swim diaper. The polyester trunks, which has a UV Protection Factor of 50+, is made from a quick-dry machine washable material.
PARENTS SAY Siti Aisha Ramli, 34, loves the attached swim diaper, which she described as very convenient ― it did its job well, especially when her little one did a poop while he was in the water. 

Cherie Ruffle One Piece

PRICE $29.95
FROM Cotton On Kids
WHAT This toga-style ruffled swimsuit that’s big on style features a strap in a contrasting colour to keep the top in place. Sizes start at age 1 and up.
PARENTS SAY Kristen Ang is such a fan of this reasonably-priced stylish one piece, she bought several more when it went on sale because it’s a great get for when her little girl attends pool parties. 

Basic Swim Vest

PRICE $46.90
FROM Decathlon
WHAT Beside floats, swim vests will also ensure your child’s safety in the pool. This foam swim vest has a flap over the zipper on the vest’s front to prevent junior from unzipping it himself. Thanks to it’s bright colours, it’ll also be easier for you to spot your child in the pool. Comes in two sizes ― 15 to 18kg and 18 to 30kg.
PARENTS SAY Brian Teh, 38, says because the foam vest kept his 3-year-old child afloat in the pool, it helped his son gain confidence when he got used to being in the water.

Decathlon Armbands with Zebra Print

PRICE $5.90
FROM Decathlon
WHAT If a round float doesn’t work, try these inflatable armbands that allow junior to dip his head into the water without fearing that he’ll drown. Suitable for children who weigh between 11 and 30 kg.
PARENTS SAY C Y Lim, says that because these armbands are thicker than those from other brands, they stay on his son’s upper arms without slipping. 

Swimtrainer Classic Red Float

PRICE $31.90
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT Shoulder safety straps on the float keep your kewpie’s body afloat while an adjustable inflatable safety belt allows you to fit the float snugly around her waist while preventing her from slipping through the hole. Different sizes available for infants to toddlers aged 4.
PARENTS SAY Adam Chong says he bought the float for his 6-month-old daughter and it helped her gain confidence in the pool. He also praised the inflatable safety belt, which he’ll be able to adjust as his daughter grows.

My Swim Baby Sun Hat

PRICE $14.90
FROM Pupsik
WHAT Besides applying sun screen, putting a sun hat on your toddler during a day at the pool or beach can provide protection from the sun’s fierce rays. This lightweight and machine washable hat has two strings that you tie to keep the hat in place. Available in various sizes.
PARENTS SAY Rachel Koh, 34, likes that the wide-brimmed hat dries fast and can be thrown into the washing machine after use. She also gave the thumbs up because this inexpensive topper comes it a wide variety of designs.

Mothercare Stage 3 Goggles

FROM Mothercare
WHAT The fully adjustable head and nose straps offer greater flexibility and fit. The goggle’s lenses provide UV protection to shield your child’s eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Suitable for children aged 3 years and up.
PARENTS SAY Anna Seah, 34, who likes this no-frills and affordable buy, says her daughter aged 4, has mastered how to fit the goggles on her own, thanks to the easily adjustable bands.  

Speedo Sea Squad Kids Swimming Goggles

PRICE $21.95
FROM Swiminn
WHAT This has a UV filter and anti-fog coating to prevent any blurring from water vapour. Its Speedfit feature — Velcro straps at the back of the goggles — ensures that it’s a cinch to put on and remove. Suitable for children from ages 2 to 6.
PARENTS SAY For Raj Gopal, 34, likes the Velcro strap adjusts around his 3-year-old son’s head securely and using it is a breeze. His son also gets a better view under water with this one piece than with regular goggles that come in two separate pieces.