Bubba’s bottles and utensils are the perfect breeding grounds for nasty bacteria. Keep them at bay with these top detergents!

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Always choose baby-friendly dishwashing liquids as these are milder on your kid’s young immune system. Most of them contain plant-based cleaning agents, are free from artificial fragrances and are also milder on the skin (yay! No need to slather on the hand cream).

Before you chuck your munchkin’s bottles into the steriliser, always ensure you clear out all the milk solids — especially when it’s formula milk — with a bottle brush. The bristles of the brush should fit the size (especially depth) and shape of the bottle. Be sure to check that the bristles are firm to the touch but not too tough — abrasive brushes can damage the inner surface of a plastic bottle, scraping it thinner in the process. Don’t forget the delicate pieces like the bottle’s nipple and teat too. For those, opt for a smaller, detail brush instead.

Always wash the bottles with hot, soapy water immediately before and after use. This will prevent the milk from hardening and drying out, resulting in tougher stains — not to mention unpleasant bacteria. If you are planning to wash it later while baby’s snoozing, a quick rinse should remove any residue first.

Even as your tot makes the transition to solid foods, you should still consider using these dishwashing liquids for their utensils. Here are our top picks for effective yet gentle detergents!

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1) Attitude Dishwashing Liquid (Citrus Zest)
PRICE $13.90 for 700ml
FROM Mothercare
WHAT Shield your little one from cancer-causing (yikes) substances like 1, 4-Dioxane and ethylene oxide with this detergent. 1, 4-Dioxane is a known carcinogen commonly found in foam products like shampoos, liquid soaps and bubble baths. An all-natural and vegan product, this is certified with an ECOLogo — a voluntary certification proving the detergent is compliant with stringent, third-party testing on its potential environmental impact.
PARENTS SAY Most parents didn’t know that there are carcinogenic substances lurking in conventional dishwashing liquids. An organic cleaning solvent that is also vegan is hard to come by, making this washing liquid gentle on the environment and good for baby since it is free from artificial chemicals.

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2) Wakodo Honyubin Arai — Wakodo Detergent for Nursing Bottle
PRICE $15.30 for 280ml
FROM BabyOnline
WHAT Here’s a cleaning liquid that can be sprayed directly on to stubborn stains and trouble areas. Tailored with nursing mothers in mind, it produces a foam formulated with amino acids that is gentle on the hands and skin and washes off with ease.
PARENTS SAY The price is expensive for the small amount of dishwashing liquid in the bottle. Plus most of the information on the bottle is written in Japanese — which could lead to wrong usage. However some parents liked the spray feature as it offers convenient and targeted cleaning.

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3) Seventh Generation Dish Liquid
PRICE $7.90 for 739ml
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Hypoallergenic and free from dyes and fragrances, the non-toxic washing liquid’s plant-derived formula cleans utensils with “the power of an overnight soak in 5 minutes”. The biodegradable liquid formula of the detergent — free from petroleum-based chemicals — is also soft on the hands and comes packaged in a recycled bottle (yay for going green).
PARENTS SAY Some of our testers were not convinced of the “overnight soak in 5 minutes” claim. Another parent liked it because it is free from artificial fragrances — less likely to cause allergies — and contain less harmful chemicals.

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4) Ecostore Dishwash Liquid (Lemon)
PRICE $8.90 for 500ml
FROM The Naturally Better Co
WHAT This plant-based detergent is sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)-free and pH balanced, making it gentle on the skin. SLS is a chemical compound known to cause harmful skin irritation even when used in relatively low concentrations. Packaged in renewable sugarcane plastic bottles, this detergent is good for mothers who are conscious about the environment!
PARENTS SAY The lemon scent is helpful in getting rid of odour in milk bottles. The price is reasonable for an eco-friendly product.

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5) Kodomo Cleanser for Baby Bottle and Accessories
PRICE $10.90 for 750ml bottle
FROM NTUC Fairprice
WHAT A washing liquid that can effectively target bacteria, milk stains and even odour from baby’s bottles and other accessories. Formulated with natural ingredients that are mild and baby-friendly, the detergent can even be used to clean fruits and vegetables!
PARENTS SAY Well-established brand that is also reliable. Others liked that it offers refills at a reasonable price — beats having to pay the full price for another bottle.

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6) Bio-Home Dishwash Liquid (Lavender and Bergamot)
PRICE $3.90 for 500ml bottle
FROM NTUC Fairprice
WHAT Claiming to reduce water usage, this dishwashing liquid proves to be a powerful cleaning agent — one pump is sufficient for one load of dishes. The biodegradable plant-based ingredients in this dish-washing liquid is “5 times more concentrated” than the average dishwashing liquid (though we’re not sure if that’s a good thing)!
PARENTS SAY Parents we spoke to were worried that it might be too strong for little ones. One method is to dilute the soap with water — although some might find that tedious. If you are tired of citrus-scented washing liquids, the notes of lavender and bergamot can be a good change.

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