When you need a break, put bubba in one of these springy seats that’ll keep them entertained for hours.

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As much as we love cooing to and cuddling our babies, there are moments when every parent or caregiver needs to free their hands and do something else. This could be anything from preparing bubba’s bath and answering the door, to just kicking back for a bit.

Since your baby is not old enough to entertain himself, baby bouncers are a great help. Sturdy and comfy, they are the ideal place to put your peewee for a short while and let them entertain themselves. These seats also come in handy when you’re trying to feed your fussy eater and need to keep him distracted.


Most bouncers in the market do pretty much the same thing, but some have their own unique features. Scroll through the photo gallery to find out which are the cream of the crop.


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Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Comfort Curve Bouncer

FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT This colourful and energetic bouncer comes alive at the press of a button. Calming vibrations soothe your fussy baby, while the two rainforest animal friends on the removable toy bar encourage bubba to reach and bat — a great way to strengthen motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The super-soft seat is comfortable and machine-washable. (Photo: Fisher Price)
PARENTS SAY “This bouncer is soothing, entertaining and adorable. It was very easy to assemble and may be light but very sturdy. It was the only thing that could pacify my fussy baby during the first few weeks. A real lifesaver!” says mum Cynthia Paxton. 

Little Tikes Sit and Play Bouncer

FROM Lazada
WHAT The unique mesh seat reclines for your baby’s ultimate relaxation, just as the melodies, nature sounds and calming vibrations will surely soothe. If he’s alert, he’ll be kept entertained with the fun toy bar featuring a mirror, two plush toys and a cool ring to grab on to. The bouncer also comes with an adjustable three-point harness to keep your little bundle safe and secure. Designed for use from birth until he can sit up unassisted. (Photo: Lazada)
PARENTS SAY “My twins had acid reflux at birth and we needed to keep them upright for 30 minutes after every feed, which is close to impossible when you have two babies. So this bouncer, with its sit-up position, came in really handy. I could pop one baby on it while carrying the other,” says mum Rashida Rahim.

Skip Hop Uplift Multi-Level Baby Bouncer

PRICE $269.10
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Bring baby from floor to couch level in an instant with this get. What starts as a traditional floor bouncer can be elevated to sofa height — or any level between — with the turn of a knob. The seat bounces whenever baby kicks, which will amuse your little one, for sure. The toy bar features a baby-safe mirror but can be swapped out for bub’s favourite ringed toy. Comes with a year-long local warranty by Skip Hop Singapore. (Photo: Target)
PARENTS SAY “My baby likes it when I raise the bouncer up, because he can see everything around him,” says dad Calvin Lim. 

Chicco Pocket Relax Baby Bouncer (blue/green)

PRICE $89.90
FROM Lazada
WHAT Perfect for families on the go, this compact bouncer boasts a quick 3D folding system that closes it compactly with the click of two buttons. Stored easily in its own travel bag, it’s light enough to be carried around when you travel. Can be used in a static sitting position, so that your tot can bounce on it, or switch to the rocking mode. (Photo: Lazada)
PARENTS SAY “As a travel bouncer, I thought it may be a little flimsy but I was wrong. It is extremely sturdy and practical and folds down easily. It’s so light, I can also take it from room to room with me, with my baby in it,” says mum-of-one Martina Loh. 

Tiny Love TL18027 Gymini Bouncer ― Under The Sea

PRICE $79.90
FROM Lazada
WHAT This brightly-coloured bouncer will surely catch your baby’s attention with its cute patterns and images of adorable underwater sea creatures such as turtles, seahorses and starfish. The adjustable arches hold toys that your tyke can reach out for, or simply push these aside. Detach the standalone crab toy, which plays music and has lights, and attach it to your mini-me’s stroller or car seat for on-the-go play. (Photo: Lazada)  
PARENTS SAY “This is by far my favourite bouncer as it would immediately calm my baby down. I can also easily push down the bars to the sides, so that there’s no difficulty getting baby in and out of it,” says mum Sundari Kannan. 

Baby Bjorn Balance Bouncer Jersey Cotton (2 Designs)

PRICE $242.10
FROM Pupsik
WHAT This bouncer runs on sheer fun ― no batteries or gimmicky toys required. Place junior on the bouncer and it will move according to your little ones’ kicks and butt wiggles. The ergonomically-designed seat gives proper head and back support, while the fitted fabric seat moulds to bub’s body and distributes the weight evenly for ultimate comfort. If bub drops off, adjust the bouncer from the upright play position to the reclined sleep position. (Photo: Lazada)
PARENTS SAY “I first saw this at a friend’s house and my son loved it so much, I ended up buying it that same day. The material is so soft and comfortable, my baby just loves being in it ― he thinks it’s hilarious that the seat moves to his every beat,” says mum-of-two Rani Jeganathan. 

Stokke Steps Bouncer

PRICE $299
FROM Motherswork
WHAT The softly cushioned bouncer has a unique cradling movement that will remind junior of being rocked in mummy’s arms. Plus, it also comes with a detachable toy hanger to keep your kewpie’s favourite toy close at hand. Slip in the newborn insert for use from birth and rest assured that the five-point safety harness will keep bub safely buckled in. Enjoy more bang for your buck when you clip the seat to the Stokke Highchair, which you can use until junior is 10 years old. (Photo: Motherswork)
PARENTS SAY “I like how the bouncer grows with your child and that I don’t have chuck it aside after my baby grows up in a few months,” says mum Caroline Chan.