Comfort or lull bubba to sleep in one of these excellent devices that lets you hold him close to you.

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Babies love being held close to you, and one fantastic way you can bond with bubba and move around, hands-free, is to use a baby carrier.


With so many brands, colours and prints to choose from, picking the right carrier for you and your baby can be a difficult decision.

But your most important concern is to get something ergonomic ― it shouldn’t just be safe for your baby’s developing hips, back and spine, but also your own posture. Your tot is going to be pretty heavy in no time!


So, flip through our photo gallery to take a look at the best baby carriers in the market.

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Manduca pure cotton baby carrier

PRICE $219.90
FROM Agape Babies 
WHAT Designed in Germany, you can even put your newborn baby in this carrier, thanks to a built-in infant seat. Made of 100 per cent organic cotton, it has an adjustable head- and neck-rest to ensure that your baby’s comfortable. It has three carry positions ― front, back or hip carry ― and an extra-wide belt to distribute weight evenly. Can be used even for toddlers up to 20kg.
PARENTS SAY The quality is excellent, despite its no-frills design. Many mums who use Manduca carriers love its ease of use and durability. Says mum of three, Vanessa Loi, who has been using her Manduca carrier since her firstborn arrived. “It’s lasted me eight years, and is still going strong. I believe my babies were very comfortable in it because they would fall asleep shortly after I put them in it,” she says.

Kokadi Baby Carrier Flip

PRICE $299
FROM Fluff Mail
WHAT Made of fine Turkish organic cotton, Kokadi baby carriers combine style with eco-conscious features. The headrest, which can be used as a neck pillow, protects bubba from the sun, wind and rain, while the shoulder straps are made of soft, thick padded foam. In baby, toddler and XL sizes, the baby version is for babies up to 18 months old or 80cm in length.
PARENTS SAY Fans of this soft fabric baby carrier adore its gorgeous prints. You can even get matching drool pads (at an additional cost) to attach to the shoulder straps. Your baby will be well-supported and snug. However, the child seems to outgrows each size really fast, so that you’ll need to size up in no time, which makes it seem quite pricey.

Ergobaby 360 baby carrier

PRICE $255.20
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT Keep your baby ergonomically seated in the structured bucket seat, with buttons to adjust to your peewee’s required width. Use it from birth (with an infant insert), until your child is 15kg. A wide lumbar support waistband and padded shoulder straps ensure that parents are always comfortable. A sleeping hood offers protection and privacy for bubba.
PARENTS SAY While cushy and comfortable for your baby, this carrier can be quite thick. So much so that some mums felt that they (and their babies) would perspire a lot in it. The front-facing option is an advantage, however. Says Yvette Tan, mum to Nate, 1, “I was looking for a carrier where my baby could be forward-facing, and yet still safe ― this one met all my needs.”

Boba 4G

PRICE $179.90
FROM Baby Slings and Carriers
WHAT Suitable for babies from 3.2kg to toddlers weighing 20kg, the Boba 4G carrier features a panel, straps and batting made with 100 per cent cotton to give your baby optimal comfort. A unique patent-pending foot strap enables healthy sitting positions, even for the older children.
PARENTS SAY We like how sleek and modern this carrier looks. At a value-for-money price, it’s durable and will easily last your child till he’s 3 or 4 years old.

Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier

PRICE From $209
FROM Fluff Mail
WHAT This is a beautiful wrap-conversion carrier, meaning that your carrier was converted from high quality Lenny Lamb material. Made from super soft fabric, the comfortable soft-structured carrier has a three-point safety buckle to prevent accidental opening and a four-way adjustable shoulder strap for a perfect fit. The carriers can be used for front or back carry, and have been tested to hold up to 20kg.
PARENTS SAY The Lenny Lamb carrier is soft and comfortable for babies, but you may want to get something with more support as junior gets bigger. Says mum of two H Sharifah, “I felt a bit of a strain as my babies got bigger, so I switched to a Tula when they were 18 months.”

Tula baby carrier

PRICE $209
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Use this versatile and long-lasting carrier, so that your baby enjoys an ergonomic fit. Suitable for babies from birth (with an infant insert) to 4 years of age, the Tula has a curved shoulder strap with dense padding, which is great for smaller-framed people. The carrier is machine washable.
PARENTS SAY A reliable and durable carrier with a variety of beautiful prints to choose from. Better for older babies (over 4 months), as younger babies would need the infant insert, and it can get quite hot.

Stokke MyCarrier front & back carrier

PRICE $279
FROM Motherswork
WHAT The ergonomic design of the Stokke MyCarrier allows you to carry your baby inward- and outward-facing. Acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy baby carrier, you can use it from when baby is 4 weeks old (3.5kg and 53cm), up to age 3. When your baby is 9 months old, you can even switch to the back-carrying option, if you want to give your munchkin a better view of the world.
PARENTS SAY We like this carrier’s sturdy construction, even though it can seem a bit bulky. The muted colour options are stylish, especially for dads who prefer to avoid cutesy prints. It offers excellent back support for the parent, plus, it’s made of organic material.

Beco Gemini baby carrier

PRICE $209.90
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT You can carry your baby (2.5kg to 16kg), on the front, back or on the hip. The Beco Gemini Baby Carrier has a wide padded waist belt for lumbar support, as well as broad padded shoulder straps for comfort. You can use the adjustable chest strap to distribute your little one’s weight more evenly.
PARENTS SAY This carrier is suitable for smaller babies. “My son used this when he was 3 months old, but it started to get tight for him at 10 months, even though he was well under the weight limit,” Tan says. A value-for-money carrier that provides your baby with much needed support.

Emeibaby hybrid baby carrier

PRICE $299.90
FROM Baby Slings and Carriers
WHAT Emei carriers are made from woven baby wraps, which makes them really comfortable and adjustable, even as these offer the ease of use and support of ergonomic backpack carriers. This carrier is designed for newborns from 3kg to up to age 3.
PARENTS SAY It’s quite pricey, but Emeibaby fans swear by its versatility. Says Cheryl Goh, mum to Jayden, 8 months, “I’ve never had a carrier that grows so well with the baby. No matter what age he is, the carrier fits him perfectly.”