A rattle is a simple toy but offers many sensory and developmental benefits for your baby. Learn which to buy.

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Babies love rattles because these entertaining objects make fun sounds and come in cool designs and colours ― just as much as their parents do. After all, not only do these simple playthings amuse bubba, they also help in their development.


These relatively inexpensive products offers a host of benefits when your little one plays with it. Besides sparking an array of sensory experiences for baby ― they can be grasped and shaken ― these noisemakers boost muscle development and hand-eye coordination.


Their bright hues also help with early colour perception, which promotes brain development. And when your little one starts to teethe, some rattles even double as teethers that your baby can chew on to soothe sore gums.


Just make sure you buy rattles that are age-appropriate and safe for your baby, which means that these should be at least 5cm in diameter, so that they can’t choke on it, and free of sharp edges.


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Skip Hop Explore & More Roll Around Rattle

PRICE $13.95
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT This cute rattle comes in three different animal designs ― a hedgehog, a bee and an owl. Your little one will practise using their fingers and hands when shaking, tossing, and rolling it, thanks to the easy-to-grip openings. Your munchkin will also be able to chew on this colourful plaything, since it boasts rubberised details. (Photos: Skip Hop)
PARENTS SAY The colourful toy draws baby’s attention, besides helping with baby’s development. However, be careful that your little one doesn’t hit themselves with it as the top of the toy is rather hard.

Oball Rollin’ Rainstick Rattle

PRICE US$9.49 ($13)
FROM Amazon
WHAT Unlike others, this special rattle makes the calming sound of raindrops! With attractive colourful beads and 30 holes on its surface, it’s easy for your little one to grab and safe to chew on. The soft rubber material means that your little one won’t hurt themselves while playing with it.
PARENTS SAY The raindrop sounds made by the toy, which is easy to grab, is soothing. However, the ball is 15 cm by 15 cm, which may be a little tough for junior to hold.

The First Years My First Rattle

PRICE US$6.50 ($8.90)
FROM Amazon
WHAT Cute and colourful, this rattle has patterns and even textures your little one can explore. “Easy-grip “fingers” lets bubba practise grabbing. Measuring 17cm x 4.5cm x 19.6cm, it’s soft and safe for your baby to chew on. (Photo: Amazon)
PARENTS SAY Thanks to its circular shape, young ones find it easy to grab this product. Nor is the rattle sound too loud. Make a great first rattle toy!

Lamaze Garden Bug Wrist Rattles and Foot Finder Toy Set

PRICE $15.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Your baby will be enthralled with the snuggly colourful socks and wristbands with sewn-on rattle garden bugs that are safe for chewing. Besides grabbing the rattle, your kewpie can explore its sounds, colours and patterns. During play, your baby will hear rattling whenever they move an arm or leg and also become aware of their hands and feet. (Photo: Lamaze Toys, Pupsik Studio)
PARENTS SAY Kids really have fun with this quality product! However, the socks may be big for younger babies.

Playgro Toy Box Clip Clop Activity Rattle  

PRICE $15.30
FROM Mothercare
WHAT Your little one will have fun with the features on this cute Clip Clop toy. Colourful click-clack beads boost hand-eye coordination, the noises it makes enhance cognitive development, while grabbing and reaching for it lets your little one practise their motor skills. The different textures and colours also give bubba a nifty sensory experience. (Photos: Mothercare, Amazon)
PARENTS SAY Because this value-for-money toy consists of many different things for your little one to try out, it should keep baby occupied for quite some time! 

Manhattan Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy 

PRICE $19.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT This colourful BPA-free toy with a diameter of 11.5cm has a little cube in the centre that rattles. If bubba is teething and his gums are feeling sore, simply cool the teether toy in the fridge, then let them chew on the tubes surrounding the cube. (Photos: Pupsik Studio, Super Shop Stop)
PARENTS SAY Babies are attracted to the colours, while your little one can also hone his motor skills when he clutches the toy with his hands. Shaking the rattle also shows him cause and effect.

Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas

PRICE US$6.99 ($9.60)
FROM Amazon
WHAT Shaking the two maracas featuring beads of different colours and pompons allows your baby to practise their motor skills. Colourful and boasting different textures, playing with the maracas promises to be a great sensory experience for your tyke. (Photos: Fisher-Price)
PARENTS SAY The fun and vibrant maracas offer your peewee a good grip. However, the rattle sound is quite soft. 

Green Toys My First Keys

PRICE US$6.95 ($9.50)
FROM Amazon
WHAT Made from recycled materials, these four BPA-free colourful keys are safe for your munchkin to put in their mouth. Since the edges are rounded, you won’t need to worry that they’ll hurt themselves! Your little one can touch the different shapes of the keys, as well as shake them. A bonus, since these are dishwasher-safe, cleaning them is easy! (Photos: Amazon)
PARENTS SAY The keys make a pleasant sound when shaken and are easy for little ones to hold.

Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads Wooden Rattle

PRICE $19.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Multi-functional and very colourful, this rattle toy will surely capture your tot’s attention. She can shake it, chew on it and even rearrange the wooden beads. As the toy makes a “clickey-clop” sound when reorganised, junior will learn all about cause and effect. The smooth wooden beads won’t splinter or chip, so you won’t need to worry that bubba will be hurt! (Photo: Pupsik Studio)
PARENTS SAY Kids love amusing themselves with this toy, which develops their motor skills by encouraging them to grab, pull, twist and rattle it. A note of caution, however, since the wooden beads are pretty large, just be careful your tyke doesn’t drop the rattle on themselves.

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