Don’t bother to include these things and you’ll save yourself the hassle of hauling a heavy bag to the hospital.


In the lead-up to your baby’s much looked-forward-to arrival, you may want to take the time to sort out a minor abut vital necessity of your hospital stay — your hospital bag.

While it’s always good to be prepared, make sure you aren’t overdoing it. Remember, the beauty of giving birth in hospital is that you’ll have an army of trained medical staff to fuss over you and your kewpie’s every need. So, make it a point to leave these things out of your hospital kit…

1. Your laptop If you’re thinking of answering pressing work e-mails or watching videos to take your mind off the labour pain — don’t bother. Work will probably be the last thing on your mind when you are pushing out a mini-human out from “down there”. A smartphone is more than enough.

2. Makeup You’ll be tired and sore after giving birth ― besides, no one will take note of your appearance. The rush of hormones you feel right after giving birth will likely see you weeping emotional tears — of love and exhaustion. So unless you are keen on reapplying your makeup regularly, you really don’t need to pack any. If you really have to, stick to the basics, you want to look proper, not overdone.

3. Books It may seem like a good idea to kill time by speed-reading the last chapters of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, but once your contractions kick in, the last thing n your mind is reading. Your nurses will also appreciate it if you ensure that there are no flying projectiles in the vicinity of your bed when you get violent contractions.

Work will probably be the last thing on your mind when you are pushing out a mini-human out from “down there”.

4. Breast pump Some mothers may take a while to produce breastmilk, so pumping breastmilk earlier may not be possible. In fact, most nurses will encourage you to let your infant latch on directly. This method should also boost your body’s release of hormones like oxytocin and endorphins, which are responsible for those feelings of love and happiness.

5. Milk bottles Unless you need more than two hours to travel from the hospital to your home, you should be home before baby’s next feed.


6. Baby outfits It’s natural to have the perfect homecoming planned out in your head — right down to the adorable onesie you want to put bubba in. You really just need one or two ― don’t pack half a dozen baby outfits in your suitcase. For convenience, pick those that are easy to put on and remove.

7. All white garments This rule applies to all of your and your bundle’s apparel. So, put on clothes that will stand up to blood, puke and pee. You should stick to a dark- coloured top to spare yourself the bleaching when it’s laundry time.

8. Snacks Even if you are considering natural vaginal birth, there’s still the chance that complications to occur — emergency C-sections aren’t uncommon. The anaesthesia supplied during the C-section can increase the risk of causing aspiration pneumonia. It happens when the patient ends up inhaling her own vomit or any foreign particles like saliva or food into the lungs.

Your uterus and bump will still take a couple of weeks before it returns to its pre-pregnant form.

9. Baby Toys For the first couple of months of his life, your munchkin’s daily routine will be a repetitive pattern of eating, crying, pooping and sleeping. Besides, his physical development at birth — especially the eyes — means he won’t be able to see past his hands. Leave the toys till later — he’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with them in the months ahead.

10. Diapers The hospital you’re staying will cover you with this babycare necessity, so, forgto. So, you don’t waste precious space by carrying these. If your heart’s settled on using cloth diapers, you may want to embrace using disposables for a little while longer. Your baby’s first poop — called meconium — is thick and sticky and can be difficult to wash off, if it get stuck on fabrics. Besides, once you’ve delivered baby safely, laundry’s probably one of the last things you want to deal with.

11. Pre-pregnancy clothes While you may have heard that your body will be able to “bounce back” pretty quickly following labour, it won’t go back immediately. Your uterus and bump will still take several weeks before it returns to its pre-pregnant form. Pack baggy clothes and loose garments, instead.

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