Find out if now’s the right time to throw caution — and birth control — to the wind!

Some women yearn to be a mother from a young age while others take a much longer time embrace the concept of motherhood.

Whether you belong to the group with maternal instincts from the get-go or not, you know that bringing a baby into this world is a huge responsibility. Since it’s not only costly but also a lot of work, it isn’t a decision you make on impulse.

Here are signs that signal that you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of diapers and sleep deprivation:

1) You have already crossed several major accomplishments off your bucket list You’ve tied the knot and have set up home with your hubby. You’ve also achieved the promotion you’ve been angling for at work and travelled to most of the countries you wanted to visit in your life. As a baby is a huge financial commitment, you and your spouse need to have enough resources set aside for this new family member.

2) You have trouble giving up your childhood toys While you no longer need little teddy to help you asleep, you’re hanging on to it because your future unborn child might need it. You use the same excuse for saving all those mushy love letters from your hubby, which will make for a good laugh with your tween in years to come. You’ve even marked out spaces in your apartment where you think a crib will fit perfectly.

If you can handle their snot, drool and pee like a pro, you most definitely can handle being a parent.

3) Your idea of #SundayFunday is bringing your nieces and nephews for a day out Making the most of your weekend means bringing your nephews/nieces to the zoo or scootering at Marina Barrage, instead of catching that Ryan Gosling movie. Also, the thought of changing your nephew’s soiled diapers also doesn’t make you recoil in horror. If you can handle their snot, drool and pee like a pro, you most definitely can handle being a parent.

4) You and your spouse share the same opinion about most controversial parenting issues You may not see eye-to-eye on which one of your alma maters will make a great school for your mini-me but you both agree on spanking as a form of punishment. You both also feel that junior’s screen time should be limited.

5) You’ve got a list of possible baby names The list is also much longer than the number of kids you’re ever planning to have and you’ve even practised saying their names out loud ― as if you’re disciplining your kids for real.

6) You know how to take care of yourself Be it a sky-high plate of fried chicken or cuddling up with the mister, you know just what will cure a bad day at work. Also, you are always careful to save more than you spend, so you’re prepared for life’s surprises. The more clearheaded you are on handling life’s curveballs, the more you can give your child your undivided attention and unconditional love as a parent.

7) You love the skin you’re in While the younger you would try fad diet after fad diet, the new you is sticking to a healthy balanced diet with the occasional festive feast. When you look in the mirror, you no longer see “thunder thighs” and “monster-wide hips” because now, you’re happy you’ve got curves your man is mad about and find every opportunity to flaunt them.


8) You’re happily married You’re not one of those couples who hope that a baby can keep their marriage alive. That is, the baby isn’t your attempt at rekindling the flames or to make your spouse stay in a loveless marriage. You want to be pregnant because you can’t wait to welcome your bundle into a happy and loving home.

9) You know your loved ones have always got your back It really does take a village to raise a child and you know your parents and in-laws will be with you every step of the way. And you can’t wait to see your kewpie spending some one-on-one time with gramps.

10) You have a sudden interest in your friend’s newborn You listen and watch intently as your friend demonstrates the C-hold. Then, before you know it, you’ve spent the next hour asking your pal about breastfeeding and her childcare plans.

You wander into the pregnancy and baby care aisle at the supermarket, just — you know — out of curiosity.

11) You interrogate your friend about her childbirth experiences You also dutifully note everything she says, since you plan to cross-reference the facts with your mother. You’re curious to know if things have improved in last 20-plus years of medical advancements.

12) You wander into the pregnancy and baby care aisle at the supermarket, just — you know — out of curiosity By the end of your grocery shopping, you’ve sneaked a baby food pouch and a pack of diapers into your basket…because you want to help your friend do market research on baby products. Or maybe you could always use the feedback if and when you have a baby.

13) You stock up on pregnancy test kits whenever there’s a sale It doesn’t matter if your period is late or not. It just always pays to be prepared.

14) You find yourself reading mummy blogs The blogpost about giving birth just gets you teary-eyed all the time and you don’t know why. You’ve also stopped following fashion influencers on social media, unless they come in pint sizes.

15) Reading articles on how pregnancy changes your mind, body and just about everything doesn’t make you want to stockpile condoms Then you’re certainly ready for some sweet baby-making action tonight!

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