7 convenient places to donate your used items

Find out where to donate things like baby gear and electronic items – you’ll avoid wastage and help someone in need!


Keeping a neat and clean home isn’t always easy, especially when you have kids.

They seem to have an unsurmountable amount of toys, way more clothes than they will ever need, and huge, bulky items you just don’t have storage space for.

Kids’ stuff accumulates really easily, and when you do try to get rid of them, more often than not, your little hoarder protests.

We bet you’ve got a ton of baby stuff you don’t need either, since your kids have either outgrown them, or you’ve simply found no use for them in your home.

So, how does the purging process begin?

One way is to block off certain areas, and go through each of the items in that area. Decluttering guru Marie Kondo would probably disagree as she says you should go through your possessions by category, instead of by area, so do what feels right for you.

Set aside three piles – one for items you should keep, one for items you should toss, and the last pile to be donated or given away.

Indeed, while there are household items, clothes, shoes, or even furniture that you may no longer need lying around your home, there may be a family out there who would love to have them, or a charity that could benefit from your items.

By the way, do note that when putting aside items to donate, consider whether these items are in good enough condition – a good gauge would be to ask yourself if you would be something like it in a second-hand store yourself.

Find out exactly what are the items the charity needs – you don’t want to shift the burden of unwanted items onto them. Also, help the charity out by packing your items in an organised fashion. Don’t just dump them in a paper bag and leave it at their door.

Find out exactly what are the items the charity needs – you don’t want to shift the burden of unwanted items onto them.

Check out our list below, for convenient places to donate your unwanted, but “still good” items.

1.      Salvation Army

WHERE: Donation booths are located at several locations, including The Salvation Army Headquarters at 20 Bishan Street 22.

WHAT: One of the most popular places to donate your used items is at the Salvation Army. The organisation helps the less fortunate, and runs The Salvation Army’s Family Thrift Stores where you can find anything from branded outfit, to electronic goods. Drop off your used items at one of its Donation-In-Kind booths, and its social enterprise arm, Red Shield Industries will process the donated goods and retail those that are in good condition. If you want to donate bulky items like furniture, you can even arrange for a collection service – book online at www.redshieldindustries.com or email donor@SMM.salvationarmy.org

2.      Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support

WHERE: #01-42 26 Jalan Kilnik, 6664-8591

WHAT: Pregnancy can be an extremely challenging time, and Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support is a voluntary welfare organisation that supports teenage girls in a pregnancy crisis. Since many of these young mums-to-be are in dire need of financial support, donating some of your preloved or unused baby supplies would help. You could also donate formula milk powder, diapers and grocery vouchers.

3.      MINDS or Movement for the Intellectually Disabled in Singapore

WHERE: 4 locations, including the MINDS Shop@Margaret, 800 Margaret Drive, 6473 1148

WHAT: Drop off your items at the MINDS Shops, which serves as an avenue where the intellectually disabled clients learn how to interact with customers, manage the operations of the store and sort through the goods. It also gives members of public a chance to understand the challenges they face, better. You can drop off most items here, but MINDS notes that they are unable to accept certain items such as used undergarments and swimwear, alcohol, cigars, cigarettes, print material of offensive nature and imitation goods.