Celeb mum Nurul Aini: I have mum guilt all the time

Discover how the in-demand actress-host Nurul Aini steals precious time from her jam-packed schedule to spend with her kids.


She was thrust into the limelight when she hosted and acted in various prominent Suria productions. Indeed, actress-host Nurul Aini, 35, has come a long way since those days ― she can even boast roles in both Mediacorp Channel 5 and Channel 8 television productions.

Nurul may have fans from every age and race, thanks to her TV roles, but to her two kids, she is like any other mum out there. “They do not have any reaction (when they see me on screen). I think they don’t really care much about it, and call it my ‘work’,” she chuckles.

In her most recent project, Lion Mums Season 2, she reprises her role as Durrani, a workaholic and perfectionist mum who strives to achieve her best at work and for her kid. But what does a lion mum actually mean to Nurul?

She states, “A lion mum is a mother who devotes 25 hours in a day to her children, and her children only. Everything they do is for their kids. They have no social life, and they are never happy until their kids score a perfect 100.”

“I’ve learnt that when you have kids, time is never enough! I need 48 hours to fulfil all that I want to do ― my work, spend time with my kids and husband.”

Married to property agent Sofian Roslan, the couple are parents to Shaista Eman, 5, and Shan Ehan, 7. Since the siblings have such a close age gap, you’d expect the two to be at each other’s throats most of the time. Nurul herself had steeled herself to handle that.

But against expectations, this hasn’t been the case. “Ever since they were babies, I was prepared for the sibling rivalry, but that didn’t happen. I think this is because my son is very understanding, and always gives in to his sister!”

So, are there similarities between Nurul’s real- and reel-life characters? SmartParents has deets…


Lion Mums is back for another season! You played a workaholic-perfectionist mum in season 1. Has anything changed in season 2?

I think Durrani has gotten worse now that Nabilah is in Primary One! The only difference is that she now works from home. Even so, she kind of neglects her husband because of work.

Do you share the same views as your character from the show?

I think that there is a little bit of me in Durrani, perhaps when it comes to wanting to do everything by myself. I am not as kiasu as her though, and I don’t push my children that hard. I am a lot more fun compared to Durrani!

What do you bring from your own experiences as a mum into this role?

Whatever is happening in Lion Mums is exactly what I am going through now! My son is in Primary One, and he goes through what Nabilah is going through, like the spelling tests and other challenges. I also send my kids for enrichment classes.

What has being a parent taught you?

My life revolves around my kids ― everything I do is for them. I work hard to provide them with a good future, I sleep less than five hours almost daily because I want to spend whatever little time I have with them. My schedule can be very tight on some days, but I will always make sure to wake up at 6.30am the next day to send my son to school, no matter how late I reach home the previous night. That 10-minute walk to school is so precious to me.

I’ve learnt that when you have kids, time is never enough! I need 48 hours to fulfil all that I want to do ― my work, spend time with my kids and husband.