Quality nursing bras will not only support your changing breasts during pregnancy, but also sustain your breastfeeding efforts.

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Now that you’re preggers, your favourite bras are probably feeling a bit snug, thanks to your ever-blossoming shape. Get used to it, because you’re only going to get rounder and fuller everywhere, especially around the chest area.


Don’t make the mistake of trying to squeeze into your regular bras just a little bit longer. Ill-fitting undergarments will not only give “your girls” bad support, but can also contribute to back aches, tension headaches and sore breasts.


You have endless options when it comes to maternity and nursing bras. To narrow down your selection, make sure they tick all the right boxes.

* Are they comfy enough to wear all day and night?

* Do they give you enough support?

* Can they grow with your body?

* Do they give your breasts enough coverage?

* Last, can the straps come off easily? Clips you can unhook with one hand are the best when you’re dealing with a screaming, hungry baby.

As you can see, picking a nursing bra isn’t as straightforward as you thought. To make things easier, we’ve located the best bras in the market. Since most are only available online, remember to follow the size guide carefully to ensure the best fit.

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Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra


FROM Pupsik

WHAT One of Bravado’s best sellers, the Body Silk bra’s seamless design and comfy fabric supports your changing shape perfectly every step of the way. The nursing clips lie flat under clothes ― simply use one hand to open and close them easily. The bra also comes with add-ons, such as foam cups to provide extra lining to hide breast pads and a bra extender to accommodate size fluctuations around your rib area.

MUMS SAY “I’m amazed at the softness of the fabric and how comfortable it feels against my cracked nipples. It also gives a lot of support and can be worn all day, even to sleep. Worth the price!” says Natasha Lim. (Photo: Pupsik)

Lamaze Cotton Sleep Bra

PRICE $11 (clearance sale price)

FROM Figure 8 Maternity & Beyond

WHAT Cottony soft and super comfortable, this bra works as a pullover and doesn’t require any complicated back or front closures. Because of the simple crossover front design, you simply need to pull down the material to release your boobs for a quick feed. Made of 95 per cent cotton and 5 per cent spandex, the bra is lightweight enough to sleep in, but still offers amazing support for your sensitive breasts

MUMS SAY “This bra is very soft and does not ride up, cut in, or irritate my skin. It fits well enough to provide sufficient bed-time support and when my breasts “grow” overnight when I make more milk,” says Niroshini Naidu. (Photo: Figure 8 Maternity)

CAKYE Women's Underwire Maternity Nursing Bra

PRICE $18.73


WHAT Designed to ease feeding and offer comfort, this lacy underwire bra has a full inner sling providing good support for various cup sizes. The adjustable shoulder straps can be widened to reduce pressure on the shoulders. Plus, the price includes a bra extender that will cater to your ever-changing body shape during pregnancy, after delivery and beyond.
MUMS SAY “I like that it looks more like your everyday bra instead of a maternity bra. Value for money,” says Sandra Tan. (Photo: Ezbuy SG)

Carriwell Seamless Gelwire Nursing Bra

PRICE $50.90

FROM Redmart

WHAT Soft and incredibly flexible, GelWire moulds to your body to give your breasts gentle but great support. No need to suffer stiff underwire anymore! Thanks to its super-mouldable microfibre material, the cups can grow up to two sizes bigger to support your needs as you nurse. Prefect to wear under T-shirts as well.

MUMS SAY “The gel underwire gave my 38DD chest good support than most seamless bras. Plus, it doesn’t cut into my skin like traditional underwires do,” says Lim. (Photo: Redmart)

Hot Milk Women’s Luminous Maternity and Nursing Bra

PRICE $101

FROM Fishpond.sg

WHAT Nursing bras don’t need to look boring, not when you put on Hot Milk’s microfibre maternity and nursing bra which has a pretty lace trim and offers great underwire support. The external side sling support minimises a fuller bust and ensures comfort. A good piece to add to your maternity lingerie collection for days when you want to feel a little prettier!

MUMS SAY “Finding something both stylish and functional is a challenge with nursing bras, but Hot Milk ticks all the right boxes. The nursing clasps are easy to work one-handed, and the cups fold down and out of the way for easy nursing or pumping,” says Niroshini. (Photo: Fishpond SG)

Cake Maternity Cotton Candy Sleep & Yoga Nursing Bra

PRICE $55.92

FROM Pupsik

WHAT This luxurious, double layered sleep and yoga bra is made of silky-soft yarn to provide ultimate comfort, so much so that you won't want to ever take it off. Its ingenious T-back design, fabric-moulded cups and closely-constructed straps provide for a snug fit, giving you every support without any restrictions.

MUMS SAY “When everything else feels so achy and tight and full, this bra feels light as a feather and stays right in place. I will be wearing them well after I’m done with nursing!” says Liziana Othman.