Easy changing feature aside, find the most breathable and absorbent disposable pull-up diapers on the market!

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Most mothers prefer disposable tape diapers when stocking up on babycare essentials.


However, as your kewpie starts moving about more as they grow, putting them in tape diapers can be rather challenging.


And once you start potty training bubba, pull-up pants will be a lifesaver, since these act like a pair of training pants or big kid underwear, which helps your munchkin get used to wearing them.


Pull-up pants are made of breathable materials and are as absorbent as tape diapers. They can also come in adorable designs — both gender-neutral and also specific to boys and girls.


For comparison purposes, we’ve checked out size M pull-up pants from various brands. Swipe through our gallery to read the reviews!

Pampers Premium Care Pants (6 to 11kg)

PRICE $21.90/pack of 44 pieces ― 49 cents per piece
FROM FairPrice
WHAT These contain a breathable cover that lets air in and humid air out, to protect your mini-me’s soft skin from diaper rash. The dry layer on the inside also distributes pee evenly for even faster absorption.
PARENTS SAY Mother of one Lisa Ng says the pants offer fast absorption and are a lot more comfortable for her 4-month-old son, who actually slept through the night without needing a diaper change. The 29-year-old adds, “I was initially worried about using pull-up pants but I was relieved when the Pampers pants fit snuggly around my son’s body ― no matter how he moves. We used to struggle to change him with regular tape diapers but these pants are so easy to put on and take off.”

Drypers DryPantz (7 to 12kg)

PRICE $7.98/pack of 44 pieces or 18 cents per piece
FROM Lazada
WHAT Special inter-locking fibres boosts absorbency and offers up to 10 hours of protection. The Flexi-fit feature, which refers to double-layered protection against any accidental leaks, fits firmly around your munchkin’s thighs and waist without obstructing their movements.
PARENTS SAY Julian Koh says he was surprised that the pants stayed on although his son is skinny. The 32-year-old adds that unlike other brands his little one had tried, he found it snug, yet comfy enough to sleep in.

MamyPoko AirFit Pants (6 to 11kg)

PRICE 22.90/pack of 58 pieces or 39 cents per piece
FROM Lazada
WHAT Yay to no longer having to wonder if it’s time to change your child’s pull-up pants, since these MamyPoko pants boast a yellow wetness indicator. It’s time to change when the line turns green. The soft fabric-gathers on the front and back of the thigh closes prevents leakage. The ever thoughtful Japanese manufacturer even includes some tape, so you can roll up the used diaper and seal it before discarding it.
PARENTS SAY You can trust the quality of this well-made Japanese product. Elaine Hong, a mother of three, says she is letting her son use it overnight because it withstands moisture well. “I have never experienced any leaks and even though my son has worn the diaper for more than 11 hours, it still feels dry on his skin the next day. The pants’ breathability is also really good.”

Merries Walker Pants (6 to 10kg)

PRICE 16.95/pack of 33 pieces or 51 cents per piece
FROM RedMart
WHAT The almost cotton-like soft and comfortable fabric gives this pair of pants exceptional breathability. In fact, the manufacturer promises that it will offer up to 24 hours’ protection, thanks to the Flexi-fit W-shape around the crotch.
PARENTS SAY These soft and airy pants lessens junior’s risk of suffering abrasions or heat/diaper rash. Yvonne Tan, mum of two, likes that even when the diapers are full and heavy, the pants did not slide down.

Huggies Gold Pull-up Pants (6 to 12kg)

PRICE $15.90/pack of 56 piece or 28 cents per piece
FROM Lazada
WHAT These Huggies Gold pull-up pants are also touted to be clinically proven to prevent diaper rash. The blue quick-dry layer feature inside absorbs and wicks away poop and pee from bubba’s skin.
PARENTS SAY Ng Siew Ling, 36, says the pant’s fit and design is great and likes that they are gender-neutral. Although she has an active toddler, the diaper sits firmly without coming off, yet isn’t so tight that it leave red marks on his waist.

Genki (Nepia) Premium Soft Pants (7 to 10kg)

PRICE $13.45/pack of 32 pieces or 42 cents per piece
FROM RedMart
WHAT These come in five gender-neutral designs of leaves, flowers and hearts in bright pastel colours such as blue, yellow, pink and green. The wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue when a change is needed.
PARENTS SAY Father of two Azam Halim says the pull-up pants did not result in his daughter’s sensitive skin flaring up, unlike other brands she had tried. Since it can stay dry for many hours, the easy-to-use pants won’t leak during the night.

GOO.N JV Pants (7 to 10kg)

PRICE $50.90/pack of 58 pieces or 88 cents per piece
FROM Lazada
WHAT These are a great option if you’re looking for a no-frills and fuss-free brand. Made with 3D-SuperSoft sheets, these very absorbent pants that feature double leak guards for added protection. The breathable fabric promises to keep your little one’s skin fresh and dry, hence, reducing the risk of rashes. A version for girls has a feminine design.
PARENTS SAY K S Ang, 45, a father of one, notes, “I haven’t had to clean up any messy leaks from my son in over six months ― nor does my baby get nappy rash like he used to.” Noting that he was sceptical at first because it looked so thin, he now wouldn’t go back to other nappies on the market.