These sleek and smooth rides should meet the needs of your growing family!

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If you’re welcoming a second baby, or expecting twins, you might be in the market for a twin stroller.


You’ll have a host of options: Side-by-side double strollers may offer your peewee a better view of the world and each other, but are more suitable for siblings of similar weights and sizes. Otherwise, you might find yourself veering to one side.


Another choice is the tandem stroller, in which one sibling sits behind the other. It’s easier to manoeuvre these narrower strollers, but one child might feel like he’s sitting in “cargo”.


Before you make your purchase, also consider things like whether: You’ll need to attach an infant car seat to the stroller frame; it can fit into your car boot (most of them are pretty bulky!), and whether your kids will be willing to sit in the stroller together!


So, do your homework ― you can start right here. Scroll through the photo gallery to check out our best buys!


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Baby Jogger City Mini Double

PRICE $799

FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT Available in four colours, this twin version of the City Mini Single Stroller boasts similar features. Fold it easily in a single step, while the wheels are hardy enough to take you through urban terrain like curbs and stairs. It has multiple reclining positions and twin UV50+ sun canopies with peekaboo windows.

PARENTS SAY This stroller gives your munchkins an extremely smooth ride, so you’ll have less interruptions if they’re napping. Says Juliana Wee, mum Jordan, 2, and Joash, 4, first rented this stroller on her family’s vacation to Perth. “I loved it so much, we ordered one the minute we came back.”

Kolcraft Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

PRICE $699

FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT This stylish ride offers you the perfect arrangement for your needs. Choose from seven different seating options ― your kids can sit facing forward or the back, face-to-face or back-to-back. You can even swap out the seats for infant car seats (to be used with an adapter) that are suitable for newborns. Each seat accommodates up to 18kg, while the stroller features rubber-coated rear wheels, a brake pedal, as well as front and rear suspension.

PARENTS SAY This stroller offers lots of options for parents at a decent price. Says mum of three Daphne Teo, “I take all three of my kids out on my own pretty often, and this stroller always comes with me. If they’re not riding in it, I use it to hold my stuff ― it’s very reliable and durable.”

Kinderwagon hop double stroller

PRICE $369

FROM Lazada

WHAT Not all double strollers are bulky ― this one weighs just under 10kg, and boasts a compact umbrella fold on a lightweight aluminium fame. The rear seat, which reclines 130 degrees, is suitable for babies from 3 months. With a two-position recline, the front seat is suitable for babies from 6 months. It comes with a rain cover and a removable cup holder.

PARENTS SAY If you’re looking for a lighter and more compact twin stroller, this might be it. “I love this as I don’t have problems weaving through the crowds in shopping malls on weekends!” says Faizah Belwadi, a mum of 2-year-old twins.

Graco stadium twin stroller

PRICE $349

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT Hate fiddling with locks and catches? Thanks to the “One Hand, One Second” fold on this stroller, you can flip it open in just one quick and easy movement, while you hold your baby. Weighing 15kg, the stroller has a whole body and foot protector on both the front and back seats. Besides reclinable seats, you can store all your loose items in the big storage basket beneaths. Both the UV-tested canopies will give each child optimum sun protection.

PARENTS SAY This trusted brand offers the stroller at a reasonable price. However some mums felt that the stroller would get difficult to steer if the kids were a bit heavier, or if you loaded the basket too much.

Joovy Caboose Double Stand-on Tandem stroller

PRICE $299

FROM City Baby

WHAT Though many older kids prefer to walk, they might want to rest when their legs get tired. The Joovy Caboose is ideal for them, since the narrower back seat gives you the sleekness of a single stroller, but offers the older child the option to sit or stand. The stroller, which collapses easily, fits in most car boots.

PARENTS SAY You can almost treat it as if it’s a single stroller that can accommodate two kids. “The stroller opens up, folds, and navigates between narrow spaces easily. The kids also annoy each other less than if they were side by side!” says Gan Ting Ting, mum to Stella, 1, and Nicholas, 3.

Bugaboo Donkey Twin Stroller

PRICE $3,099

FROM Motherswork

WHAT The Bugaboo Donkey Twin comes with two bassinet units that are perfect for newborns and little babies. When your cuties are a little older, convert the bassinets into seats that can reverse and recline, so you can adjust it for each child, depending on their needs. If you’re only taking one child out, convert the twin stroller into a single one with just three clicks. Suitable from birth, it can bear 17kg per seat.

PARENTS SAY If you’re willing to splurge, this buggy is the Rolls Royce of double strollers. “We thought for a long time about whether to spend so much on a stroller. But it’s not every day that parents find they’re having twins, so we thought why not. It’s lasted us two years and we have no complaints,” says Chloe Soh, mum of 2-year-old twins. While it’s really pricey, you’ll get what you’re paying for.

Goodbaby SD210E Twin Stroller

PRICE $249

FROM Posh Baby

WHAT If a basic yet reliable ride is what you’re looking for, try this Goodbaby twin stroller. It’s considerably narrower than other tandem strollers, so you’ll find it easy to manoeuvre in crowded spaces. The 13.7kg stroller has a back seat that’s suitable for newborns till 36 months, while the front seat is suitable for babies that are 6 to 36 months. It also has a handle for carrying once you fold it.

PARENTS SAY This value-for-money and easy-to-handle buy is a great stroller, especially if you\ aren’t willing to invest in a pricey stroller. “I wasn’t sure if my kids would be willing to sit together in the stroller, so I bought a cheap one to ‘test’ first. Amazingly, they love it, and I’m glad I didn’t opt for the more expensive models,” enthuses Jasmine Wee, mum to Asher, 2, and Klaus, 3.