Skip the gift cards and get one of these adorable, yet oh-so-useful pressies at your next baby shower.

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Figuring out what to gift a soon-to-be mum and her little bundle can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any kids yourself.


You want it to be something special. However, at the same time you don’t want to overstep the boundaries and buy something the mum-to-be might not like and will end up never using ― or worse, re-gifting to another person.


Yet, you are chary of presenting a red packet or an impersonal and boring gift card, although new parents could always use those!


If you’re stuck for baby shower gift ideas, and the parents-to-be haven’t signed up for any gift registry, here are trendy, yet extremely useful gifts they are bound to love.


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Fowl Language: Welcome to Parenting

PRICE US$10.61/$14.37 (excludes shipping)
FROM Amazon
WHAT Fowl Language Comics takes an unvarnished look at reality of parenting, by poking fun at the daily struggles parents face. Creator Brian Gordon is a dad of two and knows only too well the trials and tribulations that come with raising kids. Through his cartoons, he helps other parents, especially first-timers, feel less alone in their continual struggle to stay sane while parenting little ones.
PARENTS SAY “The comics are drawn very simply, but each and every one really hits the nail right on the head about parenting. I can read it over and over again and laugh out loud every time! And I always buy it for friends who are going to become parents,” says dad-of-one Kristian Saunders. (Photo: Amazon)


Aden Anais Organic Muslin Swaddles (3-pack)

PRICE $39.90

FROM Pupsik

WHAT You really can’t go wrong with these swaddles since they do double duty as a nursing cover, blanket, burp cloth and stroller cover. Made from certified organic cotton, the fabric is soft and completely breathable. Because it’s pre-washed, these muslin covers are super soft from the start and stay that way after every wash.  

PARENTS SAY “I absolutely adore these swaddles. I used it for everything when my kid was a baby and love how soft and breathable the fabric is. Even though I washed them frequently, the quality remained the same,” says mum Chitra Naidu. (Photo: Lazada)


Beurer Multi-Functional Thermometer


PRICE $109

FROM Qoo10

WHAT This versatile thermometer not only measures junior’s temperature in the ear and on the forehead in seconds, it’ll also give you the surface temperature of objects and liquids. So, you can check the temp quickly before offering a bottle to baby or putting him in a bathtub.

PARENTS SAY “It’s well designed and I like how it fits snugly in my hands. The contact-less function also means I can still take my baby’s temperature when she’s sleeping or wriggling too much,” says mum Samantha Chin. (Photo: Qoo10)

Earth Mama Angel Baby A Little Something for Mama-To-Be Gift Set

PRICE $49.28

FROM Qoo10

WHAT It’s easy to forget about the mum-to-be at her own baby shower when you’re busy shopping for cute baby stuff. Don’t because she deserves all the pampering she can get. Made from safe, organic ingredients, this comprehensive kit is filled with little treats that are perfect for an expectant mum. She’ll love the luxurious body butter, refreshing body wash, organic ginger-minty tea to relieve heartburn, aromatherapy mist spray when she’s feeling queasy and the ever-important soothing oil for her itchy expanding skin.

PARENTS SAY “It’s a great gift set for any mum-to-be and you know it will definitely come in handy,” says Suzanne Close.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station (Heather Grey)

PRICE $49.41

FROM Pupsik

WHAT Turn any carryall into a diaper bag with this portable diaper-changing station that you can whip out when you need to change bub anywhere, anytime. Place bub on the extra-wide waterproof pad, which you can use a wet wipe to clean, then use the cushioned head area for comfort. There is also a translucent wet wipes case, a mesh pocket that fits up to four large diapers and diaper cream, plus a front zip pocket for personal items. Drop this into any bag, clip to your wrist or hook it onto the stroller.

PARENTS SAY “I like that I can just leave the house with the changing pack instead of my entire diaper bag. Also it comes in very pretty designs and colours,” says Clara Tan. (Photo: Lazada)

Milestone baby cards

PRICE $19.90

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT Document baby’s growth the first year and never miss a milestone with these cute cards. There’s one for every major milestone, including the monthly birthdays up to 1 years old. Plus, everyday achievements like baby’s first tooth, standing up for the first time, and our personal favourite ― the first time junior sleeps through the night.

PARENTS SAY “Taking a picture with baby next to the card or holding the card makes for a great keepsake. Looking at them years later never fails to make me feel nostalgic,” Close says.

Carter’s 7-pack short-sleeve bodysuits (9 months)

PRICE $90.89

FROM Lazada

WHAT Besides diapers, the only other thing babies go through very quickly are clothes, so putting them in comfy onesies are always a good idea. These sweet and simple rompers aren’t just easy to put on and remove, they’ll match any skirt or shorts. You can even use them again the next day as they wash and dry quickly.

PARENTS SAY “I couldn’t get enough of onesies when I realised how easy they were to change out from. Whenever anyone asked me what they should buy for my baby, I would say a pack of onesies, please!” says Chin. (Photo: Lazada)

Clevamama Splash & Wrap Hooded Towel

PRICE $27.92

FROM Pupsik

WHAT This multi award-winning, 100 per cent cotton bath towel is designed such that you can pick up baby safely from the bath, dry him in seconds and keep him warm. The largest towel of its kind, you can fasten it around your neck like an apron, so you’ll have two free hands to pick up your munchkin, while making sure you don’t get soaked in the process.

PARENTS SAY “The towel is big, soft and luxurious. We use it during bathtime and after a swim. Because it’s so big, you will get more mileage out of it even in the toddler years,” says mum Farizah Ismail. (Photo: Pupsik)

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

PRICE $29.90

FROM Lazada

WHAT No parent is spared a teething baby’s wrath, so you can bet this teething ring will be handy for any newly-minted mum or dad. Made of 100 per cent natural rubber and food-grade paint, the curved areas are easy for little hands to grip and gnaw on, while the bumpy texture soothes painful gums. This teether also makes a great first toy.

PARENTS SAY Chitra says “It’s a very cute and squishy toy. My baby boy loved playing with it even before he started teething and it helped him through some rough days all the way until he was about 1½ years old.”

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

PRICE $55.92

FROM Pupsik

WHAT Not only will this cute, cuddly lamb make a fab first lovey for baby, but it’s also the ultimate sleep aid ― and which first-time parent doesn’t want to hear that! It has eight soothing sounds, such as a mother’s heartbeat and popular melodies like Rockabye Baby that’ll help lull the little one into a restful, relaxing sleep. Attach it to the crib or stroller with the Velcro tab. It can be machine washed and has an auto shut-off function at 23 and 45 minutes.

PARENTS SAY “My baby loves sleeping to the ocean waves, it calms him down instantly, especially at night. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to buy it,” says mum Clara Tan. (Photo: