Expecting a baby this year? Find out all about his/her personality, plus, learn how to better parent your Pig child.

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According to feng shui master Jason Liew, babies born in the Year of the Pig will mostly lead a comfortable and very fulfilling life, as he/she is blessed with the help of gui ren (贵人) or benefactors.



According to the Chinese calendar, a year is generally formed by two elements, with 2019 a combination of Earth and Water elements. However, since the Pig represents the Water in the five elements chart, this makes 2019 the Year of the Earth Pig.


Liew notes that although the Pig is the last animal in the in the Chinese zodiac cycle, it isn’t the most unlucky one. In fact, this particular animal is very fortunate as its traits include calmness, flexibility and most importantly, stability and wealth.


Famous Pig personalities include Joanne Peh, Christopher Lee, Justin Trudeau, Chris Hemsworth, Elon Musk and Carrie Underwood.


“Parents of Pig babies are said to be very blessed as Pig children are extremely filial and dependable.”


Characteristics of Pig babies 


People born in the Year of the Pig have the following qualities:


#1. Filial

Parents of Pig babies are said to be very blessed as Pig children are extremely filial and dependable. They value harmony within the family and enjoy the comfort and security of a close-knit home. They always look for their parents’ love and are caring, just as they hope to be cared for.   


#2. Gentle

Kind-hearted and humble by nature, Pigs dislike arguments and are slow to anger. They are gentle and patient, preferring to accommodate others’ needs, instead of being the centre of attention.


#3. Systematic

Pigs are systematic and prefer following a routine as they enjoy the stability it offers, so they’ll have predictable feeding and sleeping patterns. As such, Pig babies are easy to handle. They are not afraid of challenges and when facing them, they will work them out gradually and systematically.


# 4. Good interpersonal skills

Possibly the zodiac that gets along well with most of the other animals, the Water element in Pigs makes them sociable and easy-going. They enjoy having company and rendering help to the people around them.


#5. Down to earth

In 2019, the Earth element gives Pigs a down-to-earth nature, while the Water element gives them the emotional intelligence and soft skills that will help their future growth.





The Pig Family 

What to look out for if your family members were also born in the Year of the Pig:


Characteristics of the Pig father: Soft and gentle but you could sometimes come off as lazy or having a “can’t be bothered” attitude.

Parenting tips for the Pig father: Start doing some physical exercises like jogging and swimming to improve determination and focus. You could also make the most of these activities to bond with the family.


Characteristics of the Pig mother: Sensitive and tends to over-worry.

Parenting tips for the Pig mother: Cooking could help the Pig mother’s Water element connect with the Fire element. This would help to create a balance and lead to better health for the family.


"A Pig child will get many opportunities and growth potential in terms of wealth and career." 


Characteristics of the Pig child: Tends to be slower than others, may seem to have difficulties focusing, but is gentle and filial.

Parenting tips for the Pig child: The Snake is the only zodiac sign that clashes with the Pig. As the Pig is a Water element while the Snake is a Fire element, Liew notes that the clash between the two zodiac signs will create unnecessary conflict and emotional instability. If you have a Snake and a Pig child, there might be more arguments and fights between the siblings. However, you can improve their dynamics if you make an effort to teach them to communicate with each other. As the Pig child requires security but is also sensitive to the emotions of others, balance can be restored if they learn to communicate amicably. Liew points out that parenting a Snake and a Pig is like cooking a good dish where balancing the use of water and fire will ensure the creation of a tasty dish.


2019 Predictions


Liew notes that the Pig is one of the five zodiac signs enjoying good luck and fortune in 2019. He adds that for parents who are expecting a Pig baby, their child will enjoy many job opportunities and also grow their wealth and career.


Although the Pig may face several setbacks in relationships, their kind heart and self-confidence should resolve the issues. Healthwise, other than taking extra precautions for respiratory issues, he or she won’t have any major worries.


As 2019 is the start of a growth year, Liew encourages couples to have a baby this year, since their child’s growth will be enhanced in years to come.


Most importantly, parents of a Pig baby can expect to raise a child who is very gentle and filial. The feng shui master’s advice to parents: Look out for emotional instability during junior’s earlier years and to shower their offspring with lots of love and patience. This is because Pig children tend to need a lot of attention and love from their parents.


However, one drawback of the Pig child is that they tend to be lazy and easily distracted. Liew advises, “Parents might need to be firm, so as to ensure that their Pig child is more focused in completing their tasks.”

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