Dreading your period? Baby-making diet driving you crazy? Welcome to the crazy world of couples who are trying to conceive!

9 things only you’ll know if you’re TTC

Some couples have discovered that making a baby isn’t as easy as jumping into bed, doing the horizontal mambo and ta-da, you’re preggers. Indeed, female and male infertility is increasing in tandem with the rising trend of late-in-life parents in recent years.

Needless to say, couples who have problems conceiving find themselves dealing with the highs and lows of infertility. For almost two years now, Janice Tan, 32, and her husband have been TTC (trying to conceive) ― with little luck.

Tan says “TTC can be a mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially draining experience when you are struggling with infertility.” She adds that it’s even more disheartening every time she comes across pregnancy announcements on social media from her pals who are sharing news that they are expecting their third or fourth child.

“TTC can be an emotionally, mentally, physically and even financially draining experience when you are struggling with infertility.”

Couples who have been TTC for a while may seek recourse in assisted reproductive treatment. The birth of a much-longed-for baby isn’t always the happy ending these couples experience even if they attempt In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and Intra-uterine insemination (IUI). In the meantime, TTC couples face common challenges ― these may sound familiar if you’re one of them…

1) Periods are your number one enemy

A missed period, tender breasts and fatigue are the most common signs that you’re expecting. So, when you get your period, it’s like you’ve failed an exam you studied very hard for.

2) You’ll eventually get over the “Are you sure it’s not him?” debate

Fact is, both parties have a part to play in conception and your inability to conceive should not be about assigning blame. Although friends may try to convince you that your fertility crisis could lie with your spouse, forget the finger-pointing, keep your eyes on the prize and just keep trying.

3) You’ll buy pregnancy and ovulation tests in bulk

You’ll stockpile pregnancy and ovulation kits like they’re a doomsday necessity whenever these go on sale at the pharmacy. Nor did realise that deciding between a mascara and a pregnancy kit could leave you so fraught.

4) BFN is a suggested term on your smartphone

While TTC, you’ll find yourself peeing on a stick (POAS) more often than you care to take note. All this while, you’re hoping that you don’t get a big fat negative (BFN). At the same time, you’re also asking your mummy pals online for ideas on what to do during the 2-week wait (2WW) following ovulation. No surprise that your smartphone has twigged to all your texting habits.


9 things only you’ll know if you’re TTC

5) Sex is a fixture on your calendar

Yep, you have no choice but to get compulsive about intercourse. Forget Netflix, you and your husband will be doing the baby dance every chance you have. Nor is it because you’ve rekindled those raging teenage hormones of your years ― making a baby is really a game of maths ― the more times you and hubby do the deed, the higher your chances of hitting pay dirt.

6) You’re actually thrilled to have a high temperature

Fever? What fever? A higher than usual basal body temperature (BBT) is another sign that your fertility is at its peak. Your BBT is the lowest body temperature recorded over a 24-hour period with a special basal thermometer that picks up on minute changes in your body’s temperature. Typically, the most accurate basal temperature is recorded when you first wake up in the morning ― even before you sit up.

Your newfound dedication to getting pregnant has forced you to do the unthinkable: Be disciplined about diet and exercise.

7) The new “O” you’ll get excited about

Step aside, orgasms! Sex without ovulation is just a waste of time. You probably have a fertility chart displayed prominently in your house and may even have downloaded relevant apps on your phone. While ovulation occurs about 14 days from the first day of your period, it can be anything from 13 to 15 days after. You’re also watching your vaginal discharge like a hawk, since it’s more stretchy and “egg-white like” in consistency during ovulation.

8) Your fertility diet is making you bonkers

Eating healthy helps you keep your weight down, just as exercise will boost your libido —all the better to help you achieve that elusive big fat positive (BFP). Your newfound dedication to getting pregnant has forced you to do the unthinkable: Be disciplined about diet and exercise — but it’s making you lose your mind. From giving up caffeine to abstaining from the bubbly ― you never thought motherhood would be this tough... And that’s even before the baby arrives. Of course, the good news is that if you do get pregnant, your doc would be advising you to follow the same regimen, aka skip similar foods and to keep working out.

9) You’re game to try any sex position or scenario…

Against the wall, small spaces, bondage... You’ll do anything to keep things fresh — and spicy — in the bedroom with that one goal in mind. Indeed, experimenting may just hold the key to your deepest desires… and that is, to conceive a baby.

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