Booster seats, hook-on chairs, wraps…we’ve singled out the best baby chairs to bring along when you’re out with baby.

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You hanker to check out a new brunch place as the weekend approaches, but just as you enter the hipster hangout, you realise that your little one doesn’t have a high chair to sit on.

To prevent a dining disaster, bring along a portable baby chair, so that your munchkin’s comfy and safe while you chow down. Pick one that can fit the diaper bag, slung over your shoulder, and into the car boot.

These days, commuting is a breeze with portable baby seats that come in numerous lightweight designs and fancy features. In fact, most are compact enough to stow in your suitcase and are designed for travel convenience.

Three types of portable baby chairs are available ― the wrap, hook-on chair and traditional booster seat. Suitable for older babies, wraps are made of cloth material that can be attached to almost any chair that has a backrest, so that your little one is securely harnessed, just like a baby kangaroo. Small enough to fold and tuck into the diaper bag, the wrap’s only setback is that it doesn’t have a tray for baby-led weaning.

A hook-on chair uses strong clamps to suspend your bub at the edge of table. With a weight limit of about 18kg, this is ideal for babies 6 months and up. Babies will enjoy dangling their feet mid-air as they join mum and dad for a meal at the adult table. Light and collapsible, such chairs usually come with a carry bag for travel.

Booster seats ― mini-chairs that can be attached to adult chairs ― come in a variety of designs. Featuring trays and extendable legs, these seats are usually the bulkiest among the portable baby chairs, but can be used till bubba is 25kg.

Scroll through the photo gallery to find out the best portable baby chairs both mum and baby will like.

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The First Years On-The-Go Booster Seat


FROM Lazada

WHAT Don’t leave home without what’s probably the slimmest inflatable travel booster seat for on-the-go use. To fill, simply pull out the valve and it puffs up into a sturdy chair you can harnesss onto any adult chair. To stow, simply pull out the valve to remove the air, then fold it back down. Suitable for babies 9 months and up, this seat has an adjustable T-shaped harness, so that you can secure your mini-me.

PARENTS SAY “From restaurants to grandma’s house, this seat has lived in our car boot for our first baby, and now our second,” says mum Yesenia Albizu.

Benbat Yummigo Feed & Go Booster Seat

PRICE $74.90
FROM Mothercare
WHAT Use the flip-up seat to prop your little up one at the dining table with this stylish portable seat fashionista mums will love. After strapping it on most chairs, use the three-point harness to secure babies 9 months old and above in it. We love the chic and compact design, quick set-up, easy clean-up and the storage space ― you can store essentials in the hardy briefcase-like compartment.
PARENTS SAY “If you want to enjoy a nice meal outside with hubby when you have a kid in tow – you need this for sure!” Rachel Hue enthuses.

Baby Bud Booster Seat by Mamas & Papas

PRICE £64/$115
FROM Mamas & Papas
WHAT Unlike Bumbo-type booster seats in the market, Baby Bud’s smooth contours won’t envelope your baby’s legs and butt, so that he has plenty of room to move and grow. Remove the padded seat insert to accommodate your growing child till age 3. Weighing just 1.5kg, we love the adjustable pull-out tray, carry handle, and non-slip adjustable legs that can be pulled out for extra height.
PARENTS SAY “Some other booster seats are a little too snug for chubbier babies, but my girl can sit in this very comfortably. She loves the toys attached to it, which can be removed when it’s feeding time,” says Karen Tan, mother of 7-month-old Megan.

Oxo Tot Perch Booster Seat

PRICE $64.90
WHERE Pupsik Studio

WHAT A stylish booster with a backrest you can fold down, this booster seat is ideal for older tots from 15 months to 3 years (up to 31 kg). We just love the roomy cushion seat and the 3-point harness you can remove when your child is older. Cleaning is a cinch as it’s fully plastic.

PARENTS SAY “Very easy to clean, secure fit, durable and portable. It has the perfect height and fits practically any chair. It still looks brand new even though my son has spilled drinks, smushed food and used it as a step stool!” Michael Corcoran.


PRICE $39.90
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT This award-winning product is actually a washable, squashable chair harness you can fasten to most regular chairs to keep baby snug and safe. Designed with adjustable straps, you can attach it to any chair. Use the separate strap or “cummerbund” to give additional support such as for hollow-back seats. We love the waterproof fabric that you can throw into the dryer, plus, how it folds neatly into the size of a handphone! Because there is no tray, it’s not ideal for baby-led weaning and recommended for older or larger children who can reach the table.
PARENTS SAY “I always carry the Totseat in my handbag ― it’s great to bring out to places with no high chairs available. It’s the most mobile chair around and I can tie it to different types of seats,” says Feng Zhongting, mother to 7-month-old Rei.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

PRICE $239.91

FROM Lazada

WHAT For germaphobe parents who find restaurant high chairs too filthy, you’ll want to fix this baby chair to the table. Simply clamp the Inglesina table chair to the side of a table that’s up to 9cm thick, so that junior (up to 16kg) can dine with you. It boasts a comfy backrest, rear pockets, a 3-point harness, while the removable waterproof fabric cover neatly conceals the metal frame. To dismantle, simply unscrew, fold the chair flat and stow in the carrying bag that is stitched to the seat of the chair.

PARENTS SAY “This is the best find ever. We go out and travel often with our 17-month-old. I’m a fan of wooden high chairs at restaurants but this travel table is a great substitute. It's lightweight and sturdy, and the cover comes off easily for cleaning,” says Tara Nevin.

Minimonkey The Minichair

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT Minimalist parents will dig The Minichair, which is like a seatbelt that lets you strap your child into virtually any seat with the 3-point click harness. The machine-washable cotton fabric comes in various cool colours/prints including Island Blue and Keith Haring Pop. You can even rig it onto a shopping cart and even mummy’s lap. This smallest portable seat harness by far, it’s tiny enough to store in your handbag.
PARENTS SAY “With The Minichair, I don’t need to worry about going to places with high chairs. I just snap my boy into any chair that has a backrest like a seatbelt. It’s so light and handy and goes everywhere with me. I keep this in the diaper bag and use it when I’m visiting people or going on holiday,” says Madelon Basher.

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

PRICE $62.80

FROM Lazada 

WHAT If you’re looking for an entry-level and value-for-money buy, pick the Chicco Pocket Snack. This foldable plastic booster chair can fit into most suitcases. When open, it turns into a mini-chair with arm- and back-rests that you secure to an adult chair with straps. Most importantly, its 3-point harness system can accommodate children up to 25kg. Has a removable tray and sturdy metal legs that adjust to three heights, plus, it’s super-easy to clean.

PARENTS SAY “I’ve had this since our baby girl was 6 months old. Now that she’s 18 months, we use this all the time, including at home in place of a high chair,” says Sarah Stone.